Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tournament Odds–Final Four

Kentucky, beware. Heavy computer favorites have not done well.

  Final Four Championship
Kentucky 65.31% 48.41%
Connecticut 34.69% 21.68%
Butler 62.42% 21.27%
VA Commonwealth 37.58% 8.65%

Ok, raise your hand if you had Butler in the Final Four again this year. Now put your hand back down if you’re from Indianapolis and know nothing about basketball.

Ok, who still has their hand raised? Keep your hand up if you had the Bulldogs wearing WHITE (higher seed) in the Final Four. Yeah, liar.

VCU’s chances in the first round was .01%. It’s now 8.65%. That’s an increase of 865 times. Pretty impressive. Butler’s chance was .1%. Now 21.27%. An increase if 212.7 times. Not too shabby either. Kentucky was the computer’s 11th choice originally. Now their first choice. UConn? 21st choice. Now 2nd choice.

Usually the computer does pretty well. This year, it’s learning humility.

Updates again next Sunday where the computer will pick a winner. If you’re betting, I’d go against whomever it picks.

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