21 September, 2018

What’s Going On?

Well, I really have missed doing my September 11 timeline. My daughters have asked about that, and I want them to understand it a little better. That’s part of the reason for resurrecting this.

Sadly, I lost control of the chrisofrights.com domain. This is now hosted at chrisofrights.blog. Hopefully, I can eventually reclaim chrisofrights.com. Time will tell.

What will I be talking about? Kind of the same. Mostly national politics, although I have more interest in local stuff lately as well. I’ve turned my computer sports ratings app off for the time being, but I’ll still likely talk a little bit about college sports.

I’ve always enjoyed doing a little bit of history. So, I’ll continue doing that.

And, whatever else comes to mind.

As I said, the other day. Stay tuned!

20 September, 2018

I’m baaaaaaaaackkkkkk!

After a six year hiatus, I plan on blogging again. Blog posts will likely be shorter than before, but hopefully a bit more frequent. Definitely more frequent than the last 6 years.  I’ve been doing a lot of short political thoughts on Facebook, and I’ve just decided that I’m not a fan of that platform for this kind of thing. I know that this means that my ideas will have a shorter reach. Maybe no one will read them but me. But that’s fine. I’ve always used the blog as more of a way to vent, than with the hope of actually reaching people.

Anyway, stay tuned. There’s more to come!