22 February, 2021

Thank God this Man Never Became a Supreme Court Justice

Biden AG Pick Merrick Garland: Far-Left Rioters Attacking Federal Courthouse Not Domestic Terrorism Because It’s At Night When Court Is Closed | The Daily Wire

President Joe Biden’s nominee for U.S. attorney general, Merrick Garland, said during the first day of his confirmation hearing on Monday that the attacks on federal courthouses in the Pacific Northwest may not qualify as domestic terrorism because the attacks happen at night when the court is closed.

If you really believe this, then you’re an idiot. But wait, there’s more.

Biden AG Pick Merrick Garland: DOJ Open To Helping ‘Craft Legislation’ With Congress To Combat Online Misinfo, Incitement | The Daily Wire

The DoJ working with the government to shred the First Amendment.

Ok, calling you an idiot was too kind and is an insult to idiots.

You do not have the mental or emotional ability to do to your job. Or any job in government.

Please, retire quickly and quietly.

Chilling—And I’m not Talking About the Weather

House Democrats Pressure TV Broadcasters To Deplatform Conservative Networks | The Daily Caller

Two House Democrats sent letters Monday to a dozen television broadcasters suggesting that they stop airing Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network, a move which a Republican commissioner on the FCC called a “chilling transgression” aimed at deplatforming the conservative networks.

“Are you planning to continue carrying Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax on your platform both now and beyond the renewal date?” California Reps. Anna G. Eshoo and Jerry McNerney wrote in a letter to the companies.

“If so, why?” they asked.

The letters were sent to AT&T, Verizon, Roku, Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Charter, Dish, Cox, Altice, Alphabet, and Hulu.

If you dare to publish something that goes against the Democrat narrative, they want to silence you.

Like all Americans, I was scared for our future on September 12, 2001.

I’m far more scared now.

I have never seen anything like the attacks on freedom that I have seen in the last month and a half.

And watching for things like that has always been the purpose of this blog. This is why I am suddenly much more prolific than I have ever been.

I wonder what kind of society my children will have. Their children. I know that I won’t want to live in it.

And I won’t be a “good German” and just go along. This is intolerable, and the future will judge you on whether or not you stood up to this.

But it won’t be just the future that will judge you. It will be your children. I hope you can look them in they eyes in 20 years without remorse or shame. I know I will be able to.

Odd That Parler Was Singled Out

Court Docs: Facebook Played Much Bigger Part In Capitol Riot Than Parler (thefederalist.com)

The Department of Justice has now charged 223 people for their participation in the events of Jan. 6. A comprehensive analysis of those charging documents performed by Forbes demonstrate that Parler’s role was minimal, compared to that of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Of the 223 charging documents, 73 reference posts on Facebook as evidence, 24 reference posts YouTube, 20 single out Instagram posts (owned by Facebook), and only eight highlight posts on Parler.

Yet Parler was the one that was deplatformed, that no longer has an app available on the Google Store or the Apple Store.

It’s almost as if they were singled out because conservatives tend to gather there.

Big Tech can effectively remove the ability of entire groups of people to engage and persuade in the public square.

That is, until Parler. Parler was able to do what no other alternative to Big Tech has been: achieve mainstream status as a viable competitor. By operating its platform in a more First Amendment-friendly way, Parler threatened to upend the Big Tech speech cartel.

Well, we can’t have that. And we certainly can’t have someone distributing messages that we don’t want the public to hear.

Big Tech doesn’t want market competition. But they also don’t want competition for information and narrative control. Conservatives reaching critical mass on another platform just cannot be allowed. Thus Jan. 6, for all of its horrible events, offered a convenient and successful excuse by which Big Tech could solve its Parler problem—even though the DOJ charging documents have now made clear that Parler’s role was minor.

Read the whole thing. I’ve barely scratched the surface.

It’s not only worse than you imagine, but worse than you can imagine.

More of that ‘Liberal Tolerance’ in Action

Ok, I don’t have much sympathy for this guy. He’s clearly a d*ck. He went out to provoke a reaction and he got it.

Nevertheless, it ought to be okay to go out in public anywhere and show your support for a man that 75 million voted for.

It isn’t.

Man Skating With 'Trump 2024' Flag Tackled at Central Park Ice Rink (yahoo.com)

A man was tackled by another skater at the Wollman Rink in Central Park on February 21, after he took to the ice carrying a “Trump 2024” flag.

Video from the scene shows the man, wearing a Make America Great Again hat, preparing the flag at the side of the rink, which is managed by the Trump Organization.

He then takes to the ice, provoking angry responses from some skaters, before he is eventually tackled to the ice, with some people cheering.

They Should Just Ask Her if her Boss Still Thinks

Psaki Refuses To Answer If Biden Still Thinks Gov. Cuomo Is ‘Gold Standard For Leadership’ (lifezette.com)

On Sunday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer if her boss, President Joe Biden, still believed Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was “the gold standard for leadership during the pandemic,” a comment the president made earlier in 2020.

This is either Trump’s fault or the fault of some “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”, I’m sure. Cuomo is a hero. We already know that to be true.

Yes, it is, and Mitch McConnell and the GOP Establishment Hate It

The GOP is rapidly becoming the blue-collar party. Here's what that means. (nbcnews.com)

I’m starting to think that both political parties in the U.S. hate their voters. For the longest time I thought it was only the Democrats.

Data from the NBC News poll shows that the composition of the two major parties is changing, and one massive shift is coming in employment: the kinds of jobs Democrats and Republicans hold. There are signs across racial and ethnic demographic groups that Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar Americans and the change is happening quickly.

If the movement continues it could have a large impact on the future of the GOP. Consider the scale of the change overall.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) should embrace this. If it continues long term, the Democrats are in deep trouble. But McConnell is more interested in appeasing his Chamber of Commerce buddies than he is in effecting conservative change in America.

I hope he realizes this and comes around, because I do think that there’s no better person on Capitol Hill at managing the details of getting things done in Congress. But if he continues on his current path, he’ll be Minority Leader until he retires.

We Had the Media and the Left Egg This on for Months

Look at this graph.

Their incitement led to a murder spree on a national scale.

And yet President Donald Trump (R-USA) gets impeached for complaining about election results.

Every Democrat in Washington, D.C. was complicit in this, including our newly elected President. They are all horrible, horrible people.

Read more here:

Is Black Lives Matter Killing People? | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

The Media has a Strange New Respect for the Difficulties of Being President

Media discovers: Presidenting in a pandemic is unexpectedly difficult (hotair.com)

Huh. I don’t recall Politico thinking that when President Donald Trump (R-USA) was at the helm. Fortunately for President Joe Biden (D-USA), the vaccine created under Trump’s watch and the typical two year lifetime of a pandemic plays into his favor. At this point, the ship is on course, and as long as he doesn’t touch the rudder, he can coast into the harbor and claim victory.

Biden repeatedly promised to have schools fully open by April, claimed that the Trump administration had no logistical plan (and no vaccine), and then set a target vaccination rate that the Trump team was already meeting. Remember when Biden insisted he had a plan to defeat COVID-19? To date, we still have not seen any comprehensive policies in place that didn’t originate in the Trump White House.

All of this looks like some convenient expectation-lowering by the media, not just the White House. This is what narrative-building looks like, and we can expect to see more of this in the weeks ahead to cover for Biden’s failures as they unfold.

This is what we can expect over the next four years. The media gave Trump a greased pole to climb, and whenever he managed to somehow get near the top in spite of them, they just made it taller. Biden gets to ride an express elevator straight to the top.


February 22, 1980

“11 seconds. You’ve got 10 seconds. The countdown going on right now. Morrow…up to Silk. 5 seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles? YES!” – Al Michaels

The Miracle on Ice!

21 February, 2021

Amazon Hops on Board the Censorship Train

Who am I kidding? They were already there when they shut down Parler.

But now they’re killing books for no reason other than the fact that the left doesn’t like them.

I spend a ton of money at Amazon. I’m starting to regret that more and more each day.

We’re Way Past ‘Unhealthy Obsession’ at this Point

Former Impeachment Manager won't stop until he can find a way to bar Trump from political life | The Post Millennial

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, the head of the Trump impeachment team, said live on TV on Wednesday that there is another way they can bar Trump from running in the future.

Raskin stated that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment may be used against the former president in this case.

I’ve heard this argument before, and in my opinion it’s a stronger argument than what they’ve attempted so far. But I think that SCOTUS would eventually rule that is not the intent of that clause. Hard to say, though.

But the real point is that the Democrats just can’t let President Donald Trump (R-USA) go.

There’s this, too.

Democrats' bill would ban Trump's name from U.S. buildings and monuments, prevent Arlington burial - Washington Times

Thirteen House Democrats have co-sponsored a bill that would bar the federal government from naming any buildings or monuments for former President Donald Trump, and would block his burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

The “No Glory for Hate Act,” introduced late last month by Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez of California, also would bar Mr. Trump from receiving a federal pension valued at $220,000 per year, office space, and paid staff. He would still be entitled to Secret Service protection.

Trump allies say the proposal is more proof that Democrats are consumed with hatred for Mr. Trump.

Trump allies are correct. All of these people need to seek professional help. Quickly. They are mentally ill. He’s gone. Move on with your lives. Move on with your real jobs. There is no Trump bogeyman in the closet.

Because they Only Consider One of These Groups to be the Enemy

Just Why Are Post, NY Times Obits Nicer to Terrorists Than Conservatives? | Newsbusters

February 21, 1947

The Polaroid Land Camera!


Polaroid founder Edwin Land first demonstrated the instant camera on February 21, 1947 at a meeting of the Optical Society of America in New York City.

The Land camera, as it was originally known, contained a roll of positive paper with a pod of developing chemicals at the top of each frame. Turning a knob forced the exposed negative and paper through rollers, which spread the reagents evenly between the two layers and pushed it out of the camera. A paper cutter trimmed the paper and after a minute the layers could be peeled apart to reveal the black-and-white photo.