06 November, 2021

6 November, 1869

The first college football game.

Rutgers and New Jersey (later known as Princeton) faced off in what is considered to be the first American football game ever played on Nov. 6, 1869.

The game took place in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with an audience of about 100 on hand, according to Rutgers.

Rutgers won 6-4.

You Mean They Lied to Us? Really?

The Death Of Marriage Proves Social Conservatives Were Right About Sex (thefederalist.com)

During the same-sex marriage debates, LGBT activists professed outrage at the suggestion that polygamy might be next. Now, less than a decade later, they are vigorously pushing us down the slippery slope they insisted didn’t exist. Rod Dreher’s law of merited impossibility has an obvious corollary: “That will never happen, and it will be awesome when it does.”

The sexual revolution’s redefinition of family was never going to stop with same-sex marriage, but few on the left have had the courage to say no to the expansion of the alphabet agenda. People who insisted same-sex marriage would have no effect on the rest of us now want to punish dissenters who don’t want to promote and celebrate same-sex weddings.

Huh. So, all of us who predicted this and were scoffed at and mocked turned out to be correct.

Imagine that.

It’s almost as if the Left intentionally lies to us to move the Overton Window and promote their agenda.


However, my response on this has always been consistent.

Marriage is a religious construct, not a state construct. I don’t believe the state should recognize my marriage or yours, no matter whom you’re married to.

So, you want to marry someone from the same gander, or multiple someones, or someone from a different species, take it up with your church. If the church agrees with you, fine. If not, then either find a new church that does, or shut up. Either way, I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me.

The Science Is Settled! Sort Of. Kind Of. Maybe.

Following a series of endorsements over the last month by scientific panels advising federal agencies, tens of millions of Americans are now eligible for booster shots of coronavirus vaccines.

But the recommendations — even those approved unanimously — mask significant dissent and disquiet among those advisers about the need for booster shots in the United States.

In interviews last week, several advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to the Food and Drug Administration said data show that, with the exception of adults over age 65, the vast majority of Americans are already well protected against severe illness and do not need booster shots.

All the advisers acknowledged that they were obligated to make difficult choices, based on sparse research, in the middle of a public health emergency. But some said they felt compelled to vote for the shots because of the way the federal agencies framed the questions that they were asked to consider.

Compelled to vote for the shots?

That doesn’t sound very scientific.

Vote for them if the science supports it. Don’t if it doesn’t Sounds like the latter.

I’m Concerned About This

Majority in US concerned about climate: AP-NORC/EPIC poll (nypost.com)

President Joe Biden heads to a vital UN climate summit at a time when a majority of Americans regard the deteriorating climate as a problem of high importance to them, an increase from just a few years ago.

About 6 out of 10 Americans also believe that the pace of global warming is speeding up, according to a new survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago.

Despite all evidence to the contrary.

Seventy-five percent of Americans believe that climate change is happening, while 10 percent believe that it is not, the poll found. Another 15 percent are unsure.

Among those who say it is happening, 54 percent say that it’s caused mostly or entirely by human activities compared to just 14 percent who think — incorrectly, scientists say — that it’s caused mainly by natural changes in the environment. Another 32 percent of Americans believe it’s a mix of human and natural factors.

Climate change IS happening. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise. But climate change has been happening for several billion years, and will hopefully continue to change for several billion more. It was changing before the first human being appeared on the planet and it will continue to change well after the last one of us has died.

I’m far more concerned about inflation and the economy, and China, and whether or not my kids are safe at school than I am about the climate. And frankly, that’s not likely to change. The world will have to be in a wonderful state for many years before worrying about the climate even makes my radar.

This Seems Like Another Unforced Error by McAuliffe

If I were a Democrat candidate in a remotely purple state, I would avoid President Joe Biden (D-USA) like the plague. You do not want your name associated with his any more than necessary.

Biden Shows Up For Democracy And You Know The Thing - Victory Girls Blog

Biden also painted McAuliffe as a “key ally” to his economic and social agendas, saying the former governor has already proven his track record in areas like veterans affairs, childhood development and social services.

That’s just fodder for Glenn Youngkin (R-VA). I’d run ads over and over saying that McAuliffe is a “key ally” of Biden.

Dumb move. Invite Obama back. Tell Biden to stay at home.

Petty Little Tyrants in L.A.

Today’s blacklisted Americans: Los Angeles government bans the unvaccinated from society – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

I keep trying to decide if they’re really scared, or just using the China virus to get more control over us.

Persecution is now cool! On Octover 6th the Los Angeles city council joined a number of other cities in California as well as New York and voted to restrict access to most of society for anyone who has not gotten vaccinated against COVID.

Under the new law, businesses must require proof of vaccination when customers enter indoor facilities, including coffee shops, gyms, museums, bowling alleys, spas and a range of other venues.

I’m pretty sure I’d go the In-and-Out Burger route. Put the signs up telling people they have to be masked and vaccinated, then ignore the signs. It’s not my job to enforce your tyrannical rules. You want ‘em enforced? You post a guard at my establishment and you do the checking yourself. Otherwise, leave me out of it.

The Numbers Show That the Fear Is Not Justified

How deadly is COVID-19, really? – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

Using an estimate of 150 million infected and 734,000 dead, we find that 99.5% of the population survives COVID with no problem. And once again, remember, that half percent who died were generally all either sick or elderly, usually both, and with many sadly in their last year or so of life anyway.

He bases those numbers on estimates from the CDC. If we stick to confirmed cases, the numbers are a little scarier.

For the sake of argument, let’s use the lowest number of confirmed cases, 45.3 million, and the highest number of deaths, 737.3 thousand. With those numbers we find that 98.4% of the population who contracted COVID survived the virus. Once again, of the 1.6% that died, the large majority were in that elderly and sick population.

And many of these deaths occurred before we understood how to treat the disease. We understand better now. And better drugs are coming along. So, expect the CFR to continue to fall.

These actual numbers do suggest that COVID-19 was more dangerous than the common flu, but not significantly so. In fact, they show that it was comparable to many other new respiratory diseases, such as the Hong Kong flu and Spanish flu, which when each first arrived in the U.S were more deadly but within one or two flu seasons lost that potency. In all cases however that early potency has always, and still does, strike those who are already vulnerable. The healthy population is not threatened in any significant way by the disease.

So, what should we finally conclude, based on this data. What they tell me is that — beyond a shadow of a doubt — if you are young or not sick with a chronic illness, which describes practically the entire population, COVID simply cannot kill you. It will make you sick for a few weeks, after which you recover. In some cases the recovery takes longer, with some rare individuals having longer term health consequences, but for almost everyone, the virus comes, goes, and leaves no harm behind.

I know many young people who have had it. It put them in bed for a couple days, and then they were fine. I know some older people who suffered a bit more, but they all pulled through too.

More below. Emphasis mine.

Furthermore, there is strong evidence that if you immediately take measures to treat the virus when you get symptoms, such as taking hyrdochloquine plus zinc, or ivermectin, you lower the disease’s potency even more.

In other words, COVID-19 is essentially identical to every other flu-like respiratory illness. There is no need to fear it like the plague, because it is not the plague. It is nothing like it.

While extreme measures might have been justified at the very beginning of this epidemic — based on the paucity of available data — the facts no longer justify such actions. It is time to take a breath, remove the mask, open the stores and bars, and resume normal life. Other countries, like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, have. There is no reason the U.S. shouldn’t as well.

It is not the plague.It’s time to stop treating it that way, and treat it how we treat other flu-like diseases.

I Think It’s ”Seller’s Remorse”, Not ”Buyer’s Remorse” Here

They sold their police and now they want to buy them back.

Buyer's Remorse—Re-fund the Police On Ballot in Austin – PJ Media

If it doesn’t win, it’s time to move out.

Actually, Austin is a terrible place to live, regardless. Why would you want to live in the one major liberal stronghold in such a conservative state?

A little over a year ago, Austin, TX was at the forefront of a group of liberal American cities that wanted to defund their police departments. As the story went in places like the Texas capital, criminals weren’t the problem, the police were.

After more than a year of watching violent crime rates go up, the voters of Austin will soon have a chance to re-fund the very police that they took money away from last year

City Journal:

It was a decision made in the dead of the night: on June 20, 2019, at 2 A.M., Austin’s city council legalized homeless camps and panhandling. A year later, in August 2020, the council voted to defund the city’s police budget by more than a third. These decisions sparked immediate consequences for public order—and eventually a fierce backlash from a not-so-silent majority that rejected the council’s progressive agenda on homelessness (though the effects of these policies linger in parts of the city).

This November, Austin voters will have another chance to vote in favor of restoring order. Pending the outcome of Proposition A, Austin could become one of the first major American cities to have its citizens vote to “refund” and restaff the police.

There’s one problem. and PJ Media nails it in the next paragraph.

The cities that threw law enforcement under the bus last year may not find it so easy to bring those cops back. Seattle is finding that out right now. Police officers who felt abandoned by those in charge aren’t eager to rush back in and find themselves in similar situations again.

After you throw someone under the bus, it’s hard to say, “hey, it turns out I really need you”. Well, no, i guess it’s easy to say that. It’s hard to get a response that doesn’t include a middle finger.

Good luck to Austin. My advice to residents: move out.

But Do They Actually Need It?

FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Pfizer Vaccine For Kids Ages 5-11 | The Daily Wire

Experts advising the Food and Drug Administration recommended that the agency authorize the Covid-19 vaccine from [Pfizer and BioNTech] for use in young children.

The panel of vaccine experts voted 17 to 0, with one abstention, endorsing the vaccine be permitted for children 5 years to 11 years of age and concluding that the benefits of the shot outweigh any risks.

I have trouble with that last statement since the benefit seems to be almost nil. Have you checked the case fatality rate for 5-11 year olds? It’s 0 to 4 significant digits. So, this will get us to 5 digits?

There would have to be very minimal risk indeed to make that worth it. I have a hard time believe the risks are that small.

The positive recommendation will likely soon lead to an expansion of the U.S. vaccination campaign to millions of young children.

The FDA is expected to decide in the coming days or weeks to authorize the shots for the young children, and U.S. health officials have said shots are likely to become available in November.

Hmm. Well, my kids are older than that, and both vaccinated. However, if they were not yet vaccinated, I am not sure I would permit them to become so, knowing what I know now.

DeSantis Has an Inconvenient Truth Moment With Politifact

True, but…we need to provide “context” in the guise of “Democrat talking points”.

Here, these headlines are more truthful:

Ron DeSantis Is Doing More Than His Fair Share to Prop Up the U.S. Economy – PJ Media

Florida Has The Fastest Job Growth Rate In The Nation, Significantly Faster Than National Average | The Daily Wire

According to a statement from the office of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL):

Florida’s economy accelerated in September 2021, growing at three times the rate over the month compared to the nation. Overall for the month, Florida gained 84,500 total jobs, including nearly 73,000 private-sector jobs. This month marks 17 months of private-sector job growth, increasing by 5.6% over the year. Florida has experienced this magnitude of monthly private sector job growth on only four other occasions in the past 30 years.

In addition, Florida has experienced 11 consecutive months of labor force increases, adding 50,000 workers over the month. Florida’s labor force growth represents a 5.4% increase over-the-year, which is significantly higher than the national rate of 0.8%. In total, Florida has gained more than one million jobs since April 2020.

Their message? Florida is ready to help

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is doing an amazing job. He’s charismatic. He is a great speaker. He fights. The left is terrified of him. And rightly so.

The Subheading Is Perfect: Real Women Appreciate This

Governor Abbott Signs Bill Banning Trans Girls From Female Sports (lifezette.com)

Texas Governor Abbott signed a bill into law on Monday banning transgender girls from competing in female sports at public schools. Several other states across the country have already signed similar laws. The law is set to go into effect on January 18, 2022.

Those who support the bill say that the purpose is to create fairness in school sports due to the inherent physical advantage that transgender women have when playing on female teams. Equal rights advocates say it is discrimination and hate-driven claiming that transgender women have no advantage despite the fact they were born as a male.

Allowing biological males to compete in female sports will destroy female sports. I understand the desires of transgenders to compete, and I admit that I don’t know how to help them. I do know that letting them compete against girls & women is the wrong answer. It will set women’s athletics back 50 years.

I Told You the Democrats Will Try to Twist the Message

I mentioned this just a few posts ago.

McAuliffe Doubles Down | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

Disagreeing with a false theory based on unsupported racist principles does not make one racist. In fact, it makes one the exact opposite.

The ones pushing CRT on our children are the racists. Period. End of discussion.

I Have a Lot of Problems With Mitt Romney. His Business Sense Is Not One of Them.

Mitt Romney Blasts Democrat Proposals on Fox News – PJ Media

Say what you will about Sen. Mitt Romney, but when he comes to play, he’s strong and informed– especially on fiscal matters.

He demolished then-President Barack Obama in their first 2012 debate, and Monday night on Fox News, Romney took Democrats’ current economic plans to task.

“Well, first of all, it’s not a good idea to tell billionaires, don’t come to America, don’t start your business here, to tell the Steve Jobs and the Bill Gates and people like that, this isn’t the place to begin your business, go somewhere else. That’s a bad idea,” the Utah Republican explained to Bret Baier. “But, number two, you’re going to tax people, not when they sell something, but just when they own it and the value goes up. And what that means is that people are, these multi-billionaires, are going to look and say, I don’t want to invest in the stock market, because, as that goes up, I’m going to get taxed.”

An even better point, that I had not yet made.

Taxing unrealized capital gains will shut down investment in the stock market. Which will bring economic growth to a grinding halt.

A lot of Democrat plans seem to have that side effect. It’s almost as if it’s intentional.

Everyone Should Slam Them Over This

Elon Musk Slams Democrats Over Extreme Proposal To Tax Unrealized Capital Gains | The Daily Wire

Musk is sleazy, arrogant, and probably a little bit crazy. It’s three-quarters of the combination that has made him so wealthy. The fourth part is that he’s incredibly bright.

Taxes on unrealized capital gains are criminally bad. They’re even worse than high corporate taxes, which if you’ve read this blog, you know I can’t stand.

I don’t think this idea is going anywhere. This time. There aren’t enough stupid people in Washington to get this one over the finish line. But there is more stupidity there every year, so it’s only a matter of time.

Well, That Will Put a Damper on My T-Day Shopping

Americans Face Most Expensive Thanksgiving in History (townhall.com)

The New York Times published a story Monday explaining how nearly every aspect of Americans' Turkey Day feasts will be more expensive this year from spices and ingredients to the aluminum pan that holds the bird and fixings. It's not just a few extra cents here and there, it's everything. And, as The New York Times concludes, "Thanksgiving 2021 could be the most expensive meal in the history of the holiday."

Well, that’s just peachy. Bidenflation is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?

Even the star of Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey, is setting price records. As Mika noted, the "price per pound is expected to rise above $1.36, surpassing the record benchmark price set back in 2015."

Great. I get a 25+ pound bird (we like leftovers).  The wallet will be leaner this year.

And now, a point from MSNBC, a network that rarely makes it on this blog except satirically.

Probably Because Parents Don’t Appreciate the ”These Are Your Kids, so Butt Out” Message From the Democrats

Poll shows education is winning issue for Republicans | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

That’s the view of liberal Washington Post opinion writer James Hohmann. He bases this view on the findings of a survey conducted for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Hohmann writes:

I obtained a 45-slide PowerPoint recently presented to Republican senators that summarizes findings from a previously unreported internal poll of 1,200 likely voters in 2022 suburban battlegrounds. Notable results included:

*Seventy-eight percent agreed that “many public-school systems in America are failing and children are falling behind the rest of the world.”

*Sixty-five percent agreed that “allowing biological males to compete against women in high school and college sports is hugely unfair and will erase many of the gains women have made in athletics over the last 50 years.”

*Fifty-eight percent agreed that “critical race theory should not be taught in schools” because “children should not be told they are inherently racist simply because of the color of their skin.”

Democrats are on the wrong side of all three issues. And they’re adamantly on the wrong side. They will try to explain it away. They’ll tell us these are complex issues and we don’t understand. or they will confuse us about CRT.

I’m sure that’s why the numbers on CRT are the lowest. My parents live in Idaho, and the GOP there recently stopped some school curriculum changes because of CRT. And my parents were convinced it was the Republicans who were being racists. The left is so good at disguising their message that they turned that one completely around.

We will see a lot of that. The GOP needs to be on message and on point and not let the Democrats defuse or distract.

I have my doubts.

There Are Two Problems With This Headline

Biden Administration Blocks This Sheriff From Detaining Illegal Immigrants (dailysignal.com)

  1. They have no legal authority to do so
  2. The last word should be “Aliens”. We don’t use the term “Illegal Immigrants” here. The word immigrant implies certain rights they don’t have.

Ah. But there’s a catch. Maybe they do have the right. He was detaining them at an ICE center. And it was ICE telling him to stop. Conceivably he could detain them somewhere else.

He recalled the county’s 287(g) program contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The 287(g) program is named for the section of the Immigration and Nationality Act that promotes partnerships between federal, state, and local governments to enforce federal immigration law.

“Sheriff, we’ve got some bad news. We’re shutting down your 287(g) program,” he recalled the ICE official saying in the May conversation.

“We’ve been doing this for 25 years. We’ve never failed an audit. Why would you be doing this?” the sheriff responded.

“Well, we are talking about retooling things and we don’t think we need as many beds,” the ICE official responded, according to the sheriff.

Basically, ICE was telling him that they’re not going to do their jobs, so they would appreciate it if he didn’t either.

05 November, 1935

Monopoly is born!


This Is Perfectly Constitutional

In fact, the Constitution makes it pretty clear that border control belongs to the states.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott makes good on border security threat, authorizes state National Guard to make arrests of illegal aliens in historic first (newstarget.com)

Earlier this fall, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, frustrated and angry at the Biden regime’s purposeful inaction on securing the border, stepped up and issued a threat: He will use his authority and empower his own personnel to start arresting illegal aliens in the absence of federal enforcement.

“By virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas, I hereby order that the Texas National Guard assist DPS in enforcing Texas law by arresting lawbreakers at the border,” Abbott’s letter to  Texas Adjutant General Major Gen. Tracy Norris said in July, when he first issued the order.

This is awesome. I am so sick of Republican Politicians who just bend over and take it from the Left. We have some GOP Governors and even Congress folks with some intestinal fortitude and spines. Maybe this bodes well for 2022 and 2024. I refuse to get my hopes up though.

Still, this is good news at least. Maybe the border situation will get a little bit better.

Maybe the First Student Walk Out I’ve Ever Been Proud to See

Loudoun County Students Stage Walk-Outs to Protest Sexual Assault in Schools | National Review

Our rapist has been transferred to a new school. It didn’t go over well.

On Tuesday, students walked out of Broad Run High School, where the attacker was relocated and is still technically enrolled. The teenage defendant will receive sentencing after the second set of charges dealing with the Broad Run accusations are adjudicated, the judge said Tuesday.

Outside the school, a group of students chanted “Loudoun County protects rapists,” Drew Wilder of NBC Washington reported. “Why was a rapist allowed in our school?” another student shouted. “This isn’t a political issue, this is a human issue. Listen to the students,” a third student exclaimed.

Good job kids. More protests have occurred at other schools also. Students shouldn’t have to fear getting raped in the bathroom.


Oh, so She Was Asking for It?

I thought that rapist defense went out with bell bottom jeans and Jimmy Carter.

Washington Post Reporter Frames Loudoun County Sexual Assault In Way Paper Would Not Frame Other Accusations | The Daily Wire

Ok, so the girl in question is a slut. I’m sure reading that in the paper is going to continue to make the dad happy.

But she didn’t go in there for consensual sex this time. Unless the paper is trying to bring that into question.

What happened to #BelieveAllWomen

I didn’t realize it was #BelieveAllWomenNotClaimingToBeAttackedBySomeoneInAProtectedGroup

That doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well.

This is a disgusting attack.

More from Daily Wire:

The wording of the tweet didn’t make it clear that the female victim had sex with the same student in the bathroom prior to her accusation of sexual assault. Jouvenal’s article on the case makes this clear:

During the hearing, the 15-year-old victim in the first case testified she had consensual sexual encounters with the defendant on two occasions in a girls’ bathroom at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn. On May 28, she said, the two arranged to meet again and the youth threw her to the floor and forced her to perform sex acts.

What made the final encounter different, according to the female victim’s testimony, is that the male student forced her to perform a sex act she had repeatedly refused to participate in. As the Post reported, the victim and the perpetrator had “sexually charged” conversations on a social media app prior to the assault, during which the young woman repeatedly refused to participate in a particular sex act desired by her attacker. One day before the assault, the victim was hospitalized “because of a health condition that made her weak, and the defendant ‘utilized her physical helplessness’ to take advantage of her,” the Post reported.

“He flipped me over,” the girl testified, per the Post. “I was on the ground and couldn’t move and he sexually assaulted me.”

Jouvenal’s tweet about the article generated a backlash online, with conservative comedian Tim Young wrote: “Oh look… the Washington Post victim blames teens who were raped now.” Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, wrote: “So what you’re saying is ‘she asked for it’?”

Yes, I see that Christina Pushaw and I had the same reaction.

Once again, this is disgusting, but not surprising. Very little from the left surprises me anymore. They’re all just horrible people.


05 November, 2021

And They Wonder Why People Are Unhappy

Biden’s America.



Ok, It’s a Brutal Cartoon, but Political Satire Is Often Brutal

Australian cartoonist fired for vaccine mandate cartoon (reclaimthenet.org)

What’s the cartoon?

Well, remember this famous picture from Tiananmen Square?

He used the same imagery to protest vaccine mandates.


A Melbourne-based newspaper, The Age, fired a political cartoonist after he compared COVID-19 vaccine mandates to the Tiananmen Square tanks threatening “Tank Man.”

Michael Leunig, a cartoonist referred to as a “living national treasure,” lost his role after he posted the cartoon. He included a drawing of a man staring at a large injection (vaccine) alongside a widely used photo from the Tiananmen pro-democracy protests of 1989 where a man is staring at a tanker.

The newspaper rejected the cartoon. Leunig proceeded to post the cartoon on his Instagram, drawing a lot of criticism from those who support vaccine mandates.

So wait.

He was fired by the newspaper for posting the cartoon on his personal Instagram account.


Sorry, but…no.

Freedom of speech, anyone? Hello?

Ugh. The world is becoming an awful place.

I Think This Makes 3. 47 More to Go.

Ohio School Board Association Blasts National Group For Labeling ‘Parents As Domestic Terrorists,’ Pulls Membership | The Daily Wire

Every single state needs to do this.

The Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Board of Trustees voted to end its affiliation with the National School Boards Association (NSBA) after the latter requested a federal crackdown on recent “threats” to school board members.

“The Board of Trustees’ decision was prompted by NSBA’s recent letter to President Joe Biden requesting federal intervention at local school board meetings,” OSBA Chief Executive Officer Rick Lewis said in a statement.

The OSBA’s move is the latest in a wave of criticism and backlash against the NSBA over the letter, which the national organization apologized for last week. The Pennsylvania School Boards Association was the first state-level group to rescind its membership to the NSBA on October 14.

Really the entire leadership of the NSBA needs to resign and be replaced. Only one has so far. That’s not enough.

But at least the states can do something about it. We need much more like this.

Tucker Carlson on the Border Crisis

Watch. Learn. Get angry. Do something. Vote these motherf***ers out.

It’s Worse Publicity to Defend Unjustly Imprisoned Conservatives Than to Defend Known International Terrorists

Law Firms That Raced To Defend Terrorists Ignore J6 Defendants (thefederalist.com)

At least 50 high-powered law firms that went out of their way to defend foreign terrorists in Guantanamo Bay free of charge are nowhere to be found as hundreds of American citizens languish in prison for charges related to entering the U.S. Capitol building during the January 6 riot.

When foreign terrorists, including the accused mastermind who helped plan the 9/11 attack, were being held in the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, law firms from across the country volunteered to represent them pro bono. Now, nearly 600 Americans face an intense legal battle over their participation in the events of January 6, and these same firms are leaving them defenseless. Not one of the legal firms that assisted Gitmo terrorists have helped any of those charged with ties to January 6.

That is pathetic.

The sad thing is that I can’t even pretend to be surprised by it. It’s completely disgusting, but not the least bit unexpected.

They hate us. They really hate us. Remember that. It’s not just conservatives. The left hates Americans. Remember that the next time you go to vote.

And It’s Not Going to Get Any Better

Youngkin On Biden: This Is ‘What A Failed Presidency Looks Like’ | The Daily Wire

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, who has pulled dead even with his Democratic opponent, is targeting President Biden, saying he has a “failed presidency,”

“You can’t help but look at President Biden and recognize what a failed presidency looks like,” Youngkin said on Fox News. “I mean, you look at Afghanistan, you look at the border, you look at our economy, you look at the fact that everything he’s doing seems to be making America worse, and I’m going to go to work and make Virginia better.”

He’s smart to tie former Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) to President Joe Biden (D-USA). Biden is flailing around miserably, and is an anchor for McAuliffe.

And it doesn’t hurt that everything Youngkin is saying is true. Can McAuliffe really deny it? Is he going to try to convince Virginians that Biden is doing well? Good luck with that.

Maybe Not the Best Look For a Choice for This Position

Biden Admin Taps School Board Association Honcho For Post In Wake Of Infamous Letter (freebeacon.com)

Yeah, let’s promote the guy who wrote the letter that the entire country is up in arms over.

Does no one in Team Biden think these things through? I keep thinking he’s suffering from dementia, but maybe it’s just that he’s surrounded by complete idiots.

The Department of Education earlier this month tapped the president of the National School Boards Association to serve on a federal board that tracks student progress, the latest indication of the Biden administration’s collaboration with the group that compared parents to domestic terrorists.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Oct. 13 appointed National School Boards Association president Viola Garcia to the National Assessment Governing Board, which develops the tests used to track student achievement across the country. Garcia was behind a Sept. 29 letter urging President Joe Biden to have the FBI monitor school board meetings for potential violence. The Department of Justice formed a task force on Oct. 4 consisting of the FBI and Justice Department’s national security and civil rights divisions, sparking outrage from parent groups who say the administration is trying to stifle parents who oppose mask mandates and left-wing curricula.

Lunatics. Really.

Reliable Sources Maintain That Voter Fraud Is a Myth

Three Detroit-Area Women Busted for Voter Fraud--How Many More Are There? – PJ Media

Nursing home employee Trenae Myesha Rainey was busted for forging the names of roughly 24 patients on absentee ballot applications. She is only charged with three counts of forging a signature on absentee ballot applications and three counts of election law forgery.

Nancy J. Williams, 55, owns a company that handles legal guardianships. She was busted in October of 2020 for trying to obtain absentee ballots for at least 14 and up to 26 people who are deemed legally incapacitated. Michigan election officials found absentee ballot requests marked with an “X,” all of which were requested to be sent to Williams’ company, Guardian and Associates.

Williams’ lawyer, Andrea Bradley, claims Williams did nothing outside the scope of legal guardianship, though she is charged with 42 counts of election-fraud-related crimes in five district courts.

The only fraudster to cast a vote, according to Nessel, was Carless Clark, who was busted for impersonating her grandson. He voted in person but she sent in a ballot in his name.

True, these are small numbers. These wouldn’t swing an election. But how many more of these people are out there? What assurances do we have that these are the only ones? I suspect this is a tip of the iceberg scenario. 80% are invisible.

But I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

Consistency of Thought Is Not a Prominent Trait Among the Far Left

‘Defund The Police’ Advocate Ilhan Omar Now Blames Police For Rising Crime Rates In Minneapolis | The Daily Wire

“What we must also recognize is that the reduction in policing currently in our city, and the lawlessness that is happening is due to two things,” Omar claimed. “One, the police have chosen to not fulfill their oath of office and to provide the public safety they are owed to the citizens they serve, right? It’s documented. But even before that, it was documented. The Minneapolis Police Department is the most dysfunctional police department, in our state and probably in the country.”

Me, I think it’s your efforts to defund the police. That has a devastating effect on morale, and everything follows from taht.

It’s Still the Economy Stupid

Why is Biden so unpopular? | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

Harry Enten, formerly of FiveThirtyEight and now of CNN, takes up the question. He writes:

While the causes of Biden’s decline are numerous (e.g. declining trust of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan), perhaps the biggest one is that Americans believe there are big economic problems and that Biden isn’t focused nearly enough on them.

I think that’s right. Enten notes, as we have, that approval of Biden on the economy has tracked almost perfectly with approval of him overall. Says Enten, “Right now, [Biden’s] economic approval is in the low 40s, just as it is overall. In the early summer, it was in the low 50s — as it was overall then, too.”

I think Enten is correct to highlight not just the economy’s performance, but also Biden’s lack of focus on it. Enten points to a CBS News/YouGov poll finding that 60 percent of Americans believe that Biden is not focusing enough on inflation. At the same time, only 37 percent say that Biden and his fellow Democrats are focusing on the issues they care a lot about.

Yes, it doesn’t appear that Team Biden even cares about the economy. As long as that seems to be the case, his numbers will continue to fall. I’m not sure at what point he becomes toxic even to Democrats, but I suspect we’re not far away from that number.

No, They’re Talking About ”Whips” and Vax Mandates and Gender Identity, and Anything Else Other Than the Real Problems That Face America

Rep. Dingell: White House, Democrats not talking about inflation | One America News Network (oann.com)

And this criticism is from a Democrat, mind you.

Michigan Democrat Rep. Debbie Dingell confessed the White House isn’t addressing major concerns in talks over Joe Biden’s spending agenda.

During an interview with CNN on Monday, Dingell said there’s not much of a discussion on the issue of skyrocketing inflation. Dingell stressed Biden and congressional Democrats are focused on passing Biden’s spending and infrastructure bills, but aren’t considering the consequences.

They’re focused on their agenda.

They aren’t focused on the country’s problems.

Which is why we have so many, and why we’re going to have more and they’re going to get worse.

This administration is mind-bogglingly clueless.

“Murky” Would Not Be a Word They Would Use if the Roles Were Reversed Here

AP Slams Youngkin For Citing of "Murky Case" of Rape - Victory Girls Blog

Glenn Youngkin wants voters in Virginia to hear an urgent message: Your children are in danger.

In a speech in Northern Virginia’s suburbs last week, the Republican candidate for governor highlighted the murky case of a student who allegedly committed sex crimes in two area schools.

Murky? Murky? While it is proper for an alleged news organization to report charges that have not reached final adjudication as “alleged”, the word murky implies that there is something suspicious or dishonest about those charges.

So much for “Believe All Women”

Suddenly, it’s “murky” when a Democrat is in trouble.

The girl was raped.

She was raped because Virginia schools allow boys in girls bathrooms.

This is not murky.

This is a failure of policy. One that was entirely predictable, and in fact was predicted by many.

But Democrats decided that appealing to a minority constituency was more important than parental concerns about their children’s safety.

And now that the predictable has happened, they want to distance themselves from the whole situation. They can’t. And Youngkin is right to hammer McAuliffe on this. He should hit him hard. Over and over and over.

And AP is stupid to try to cover for McAuliffe on this. They make themselves looks ridiculous.

Apparently, Pete Buttigieg Has Solved the Supply Chain Issues and Has Nothing Else to Do

Pete Buttigieg Decides to Go to War With Tucker Carlson – RedState

Yes, let’s battle with a TV opinion journalist over paternity leave. This has nothing to do with your job, which by the way, you’re not doing.

The country is currently facing its worst supply-chain crisis since the 1970s and Buttigieg, whose job is ostensibly to fix the situation, is making the media rounds to talk about how great it is that he disappeared for multiple months. The mind truly boggles, and it shows how little is expected from these mediocre government bureaucrats. Buttigieg failed up as an unimpressive mayor of a small town, because he checked the right identity boxes. Now, we are getting an eyeful of just how incapable he is.

Biden’s entire administration seems to have been chosen based upon what minority group checkboxes they fill, and none of them have been picked based on their actual ability to do their job.

Pete knows nothing about transportation and logistics. And the DoT is flailing around without a head, at a time when we really need one. Most administrations the head of the DoT doesn’t have to do a lot other than not get in the way. That’s not the case here.

We need real leadership here, and what we’re getting is someone more interested in social justice and social justice battles than in actually doing his job.

04 November, 2021

04 November, 1922

I should have saved this for next year.

99 years ago today!

Howard Carter discovers the entrance to the tomb of King Tut!king-tut-tomb-gettyimages-530844676

You CAN’T Do This. Period. Full Stop.

Dems plan billionaires' unrealized gains tax to help fund $2T bill (nypost.com)

No nation on earth has ever had the audacity to attempt to tax unrealized capital gains. Why? Because it’s theft, that’s why. There’s no other word for it.

What are unrealized capital gains? Imagine this scenario.

You buy $1000 worth of stock. The stock skyrockets. A few days later it’s worth $4000. You either aren’t paying attention, you think it’s still going to go a little higher. A few days later the stock is again worth $1000. You didn’t make any money, because you didn’t sell. You didn’t realize the gain.

If the Democrats plan goes through, you will now owe taxes on the $3000 you never saw.  This will literally bankrupt people and businesses.

This may be the dumbest idea Democrats have ever had, and that’s saying something.

I Don’t See It Happening

Businesses Beg Biden To Delay Vaccine Mandate Until 2022 Over Possible ‘Mass Exodus’ During Holidays | The Daily Wire

They’re too invested in it now to back down, even a little.

Businesses, already worried about how supply chain issues will affect the holiday season, are now “pleading” with the White House to delay the OSHA rule until at least January so that they can avoid a “mass exodus” of unvaccinated workers, particularly in the retail and shipping industries.

“Worried that President Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for private companies could cause a mass exodus of employees, business groups are pleading with the White House to delay the rule until after the holiday season,” CNBC reported Monday.

Well, good luck.

Part of the problem is that the longer the White House delays this, the less need for it there will be. And they’re having a hard enough time selling us on the necessity. No, they’ll push forward, economy be damned.

We Need to Start Making Examples of These People

Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Life Saving Medicine Prescription At Walgreens In Texas [VIDEO] (lifezette.com)

I’ll bet this has something to do with China virus treatments. I haven’t read the story yet. Let’s find out.

[A]pparently a San Antonio pharmacist believes he knows what’s best when it comes to COVID-19 when he refused to fill a customer’s order for ivermectin, which he had a prescription for.

The incident, which can be seen below, happened in a Walgreens in San Antonio, Texas. The customer politely tried to inform the pharmacist that he had a prescription, from a licensed doctor, yet the pharmacist, who is not a doctor, refused to fill it either way. Even when the man told the pharmacist that ivermectin was FDA approved, the guy argued with him.

It should be noted that ivermectin was first approved for treatment in humans by the FDA back in 1996. But apparently, the pharmacist missed that class.

Ding. I win.

Tar. And. Feathers.

He needs to be fired and forbidden from ever working in health care again for the rest of his life.

This kind of stuff can not be allowed to happen.

Now Why Would People Think That, Jake?

Maybe this is the reason.


It Is Not Too Much of a Stretch to Call This an Act of War Against Israel

Biden Counters Trump, Plans U.S. Consulate For Palestinians In Jerusalem: Report | The Daily Wire

President Biden is reportedly planning to unilaterally impose the opening of a U.S. consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem despite the Israeli government’s opposition, with some members of Israel’s Foreign Ministry calling the move an “introduction to the division of Jerusalem.”

This is completely wrong, and can’t be done without the permission of the country containing Jerusalem, i.e. Israel.

Having two diplomatic delegations in one city means the division of Jerusalem. There is no other possible meaning. It is a finger in Israel’s eye. If the Americans take such a unilateral measure, it will not only be a violation of the Vienna Convention, but also an American message that the great United States is not capable of respecting its most loyal partners. It is liable to have a very strong effect on relations with the Americans. …

There are no words to describe the size of the catastrophe if we do not act to prevent this. As soon as the United States unilaterally opens a consulate for the Palestinians, other countries could take similar measures, and then we will have lost the ability to stop such a process in the future.

Sometimes you need a word stronger than “NO”.

God, what a crock. Is he really this clueless? Or just that much of an anti-Semite? I don’t know which one would be worse.

You voted for this. Are you ready yet to admit how stupid that was? Admitting your mistake is the first step to correcting it.

For My Wife and Me It’s ”Friends”

Couple With 9 Entertainment Subscriptions Just Going To Watch ‘The Office’ Again | The Babylon Bee


I Have a Mean Online Comment to Make About This

Japan proposes jail time for those who make mean online comments (reclaimthenet.org)

In Japan, social media users might get prison time for insulting others. The new plan is an effort by the government to combat “cyberbullying.”

An advisory panel for the Japanese Ministry of Justice greenlit a plan to “introduce prison terms as part of tougher penalties for online insults in Japan,” reported Kyodo News.

Ok, here it comes. Mean comment #1.

Anyone who would consider this is a f***ing idiot.

Mean comment #2.

Implementing it is f***ing fascist.

Come and get me, you brown-shirted morons.

Oh, I guess that was #3.

So, if Government Agencies Are Overwhelmingly Made up of Liberals, What Does That Tell You?

EYEROLL: Biden Administration Finds 'Structural Racism' Throughout Government – PJ Media

Let’s put two and two together here.

I get “Structural Racism comes from the left”.

What did you get?

As part of Joe Biden woke virtue-signaling initiatives, on his first day in office, he ordered all federal agencies to examine their policies to uncover any “structural racism” that might be in place.

While the deadline for their reports is overdue, the White House has been mum about how many reports it received. Meanwhile, the Washington Times surveyed a dozen departments and agencies, which “revealed widespread concerns about the government shortchanging people of color, including in farm aid, visits to national parks and the disbursement of unemployment benefits.”

That’s awful.

Who is in charge of all of these things.



It’s almost like liberals are racists.


Yeah, think on that some. And remember, liberals were on the wrong side in the Civil War. Liberals were on the wrong side during the Civil Rights Movement.

Leopards don’t change their spots.

Your Regular Reminder of the Chaos at the Border and Who’s Fault It Is

A Large Migrant Caravan Moves North Through Mexico to U.S. – PJ Media

Nearly 500 law enforcement officers attempted to block their path Saturday at a highway checkpoint in southern Mexico, but most migrants—carrying American flags or signs with President Joe Biden’s name—broke past.

They had been waiting for months in brutal heat near the Guatemala-Mexico border for asylum papers that would allow them to travel through Mexico. (Mexico requires migrants seeking humanitarian visas or asylum to wait at the border while their cases are processed.) But frustrated by delays, they pushed through the police force and continued on a more than 1,000-mile journey toward Texas.

Do you really think all of these people will get Visas? Will they stop at border crossings and show passports? I think you can assume not. They will cross the border illegally, bringing the China virus with them.

Thanks,. Joe.

They Could Have Stopped This Headline After the Fourth Word

White House Claims Ignorance On Popular ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ And ‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chants | The Daily Wire

The White House is claiming they are unfamiliar with anti-Joe Biden chants, such as the blunt and ever-popular “F*** Joe Biden” chant, and the more recent “Let’s Go Brandon” meme. The latter went viral following a recent NASCAR race, where an NBC reporter claimed fans were cheering on the race winner, Brandon Brown, when they were actually chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

Oh they know about them. I’m certain of that. But they can pretend they’re nothing, and hope that by pretending that they’ll become nothing. President Joe Biden (D-USA) didn’t invent that. It’s been a staple of politics since the beginning of time.

I don’t think it’s going to work though.

But keep trying, Brandon!

Heh, This One Is Actually Funny

Activist lectures U. North Carolina students about ‘right-handed privilege’ | The College Fix

As a left-handed person, I could get on board with this. All desks at schools are right-handed. Notebooks and binders are right-handed. It’s hard to find good left-handed scissors.

And don’t get me started on pencils.

Parle asserted that right-handed privilege is yet another system, explaining that it has “made left-handed people invisible by setting the standard.” A slide explaining the advantages of being aligned with systems of power and another on the privileges of right-handedness emphasized how “this system supports, empowers, and advantages the right folks,” while it “disempowers, or sometimes harms, the left folks.” After a moment of consideration, the labels of “right-handedness” and “right-handed privilege” were replaced with “whiteness” and “white privilege.” Next, the words “able-bodied” and “ability privilege” were shown, drawing a direct conflation between the various culprits of systematic harm.

Yes, i felt discriminated against while growing up because I was left-handed. But I just took it as a challenge to show that I was better than everyone else. It wasn’t too much of a struggle, and I figured I was pretty damn smart, so that more than outweighed what little “handicap” I had by being left-handed.

But with all the whining from various groups, I admit I find this one interesting. I wonder if I can get reparations from someone…

I’m kidding. I mean, I totally agree that lefties face struggles that righties don’t. But so what. We all have struggles. Deal with them. Or give up on life. But don’t whine about it. I’m not interested in hearing your whines.

This Is the Standard Left Playbook

If you disagree with the Left, you’re racist, or stupid, or crazy, or just making stuff up.

You couldn’t possibly disagree with them because they’re wrong, and because you want to protect your family.

‘What Is Phony Exactly?’: Dan Crenshaw Hammers Obama For Dismissing Parents’ ‘Fake Outrage’ At Public Schools | The Daily Wire

What did former President Barack Obama (D-USA) say that got him into trouble?

“He’s accusing schools of brainwashing our kids,” Obama remarked.

“Here we are trying to recover from a global pandemic that has killed more than 700,000 Americans, that has shut down thousands of small businesses and put millions out of work. We don’t have time to be wasting on these phony, trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media’s pedals to juice their ratings,” Obama later said. “And the fact that he’s willing to go along with it? Instead of talking about serious problems that affect serious people? That’s a shame. That’s not what this election is about. That’s not what you need, Virginia.”

Oh yeah. That.

Critics slammed former President Barack Obama after he suggested that recent anger against school administrators in Virginia was due to “trumped-up culture wars.”

“What is phony exactly? The school rape coverup or Terry McAuliffe saying parents shouldn’t be involved in their child’s education? Shameless gaslighting to prop up a candidate the left knows is in serious trouble,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) said.

“Virginia public schools have pushed critical race theory in the classroom, suppressed concerned parents at school board meetings, and covered up for a gender-fluid sexual predator, who allegedly raped two innocent girls,” the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo replied.

Yeah, that’s about right. Look, this isn’t fake. These are real issues. And the Democrats are on the wrong side of them. Mocking people for believing otherwise isn’t going to make the issue go away, and it’s not likely to win you any votes either.

Obama would have been better off keeping his big mouth shut.

Facebook’s Leftism at Work

Facebook’s Political Maelstrom Exposed | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

Here’s the key bit:

Many Republicans, from Mr. Trump down, say Facebook discriminates against conservatives. The documents reviewed by the Journal didn’t render a verdict on whether bias influences its decisions overall. They do show that employees and their bosses have hotly debated whether and how to restrain right-wing publishers, with more-senior employees often providing a check on agitation from the rank and file. The documents viewed by the Journal, which don’t capture all of the employee messaging, didn’t mention equivalent debates over left-wing publications.

I think that is a key point. The New York Times and Washington Post are just as partisan as Breitbart, a major focus of the WSJ story, and they are no more accurate. Yet Facebook pays them for, and features prominently, their content. Apparently no one at Facebook has ever questioned whether false and hateful reporting by the Post and the Times, such as the Russia collusion hoax to name just one example, should cause their content to be suppressed or downgraded.

No arguments on suppressing stories from the left. Lots of arguments about stories on the right. And we know who usually wins. The suppressors.

Yeah, this doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, but nice to get confirmation from inside.

And I Should Be Pope

McAuliffe claims Stacey Abrams should be governor of Georgia, furthering what some call her 'Big Lie' | Fox News

She lost.

And it wasn’t even close.

There were no “shenanigans”.

She’s mentally unsound if she can’t accept the results.


Yet fact-checkers with PolitiFact and USA Today found "no proof" and "little empirical evidence" that Kemp stole the election.

While Kemp did clean up the voter rolls before the election (removing 1.4 million active voters from the rolls) and putting holds on some voters, University of Georgia professor Charles Bullock told USA Today that the holds would not have stopped Georgians from voting.

"All the person had to do is show up with their photo ID, which everyone has to have, and they would've been allowed to vote," Bullock explained.

Or, more succinctly:

What. An. Idiot.

This Sounds Suspiciously Like Forced Indoctrination

CDC Director Walensky: ‘There Is A Plan’ To Get Unvaccinated Workers ‘Education And Counseling’ | The Daily Wire

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said during an interview on Sunday that “there is a plan” to get unvaccinated essential workers “education and counseling” so they will feel comfortable getting vaccinated.


“We have seen that these mandates are getting more and more people vaccinated,” she said. “Here’s what we know, the most disruptive thing that you can do to workforce is to have a COVID outbreak in that workforce. That will most definitely not only send people home, but it will send people to the hospital and some may pass. What we know from the police workforce is that there have been more deaths from the coronavirus over the last year and a half than all other causes of death for that workforce combined. So, we believe it is very important to get these people vaccinated.”

Walensky added, “There is a plan should these people not want to be vaccinated towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated.”

Hmm. I would think the most disruptive thing you could do would be to get half the workforce to quit, but what do I know?

And those last words frighten me. Very much.

At Least as Long as Clueless Joe Is in the White House

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Signals Trouble Over How Long Inflation Will Continue To Remain High | The Daily Wire

“So let me ask you about that, because this rising inflation is hitting Americans’ wallets hard, impacting everything from gas prices to groceries,” Tapper said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“When do you expect the inflation to get back to the 2 percent range, which is considered normal?” Tapper asked. “2022? 2023? When?”

“Well, I expect that to happen next year,” Yellen responded. “Monthly rates of inflation have already fallen substantially from the very high rates that we saw in the spring and early summer. On a 12-month basis, the inflation rate will remain high into next year because of what’s already happened. But I expect improvement by the end of — by the middle to end of next year, second half of next year.”

Notice that she starts to say “end of next year” and corrects herself, because she doesn’t want to scare Tapper. But that’s what she thinks. And it always lasts longer than they expect. So, I think we’ll be seeing high inflation well into 2023.


Biden’s America.

You voted for this.


Resign, Be Fired, Tomayto, Tomahto

Josh Hawley Demands Merrick Garland Resign: ‘Dangerous Abuse Of Authority’ | The Daily Wire

I hate headlines like this.

I like Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), but he is in the minority in the Senate. He doesn’t have the power to “demand” anything. He can shout and pound the table, but that’s all he can do.

Merrick Garland should resign, though. If he was a decent human being he would. Of course, if he was a decent human being, he would not be trying to round up parents of school children as domestic terrorists.

But let’s here what Hawley has to say.

Well, I cant disagree with that. And I notice that he didn’t demand anything. Stupid writers.

Claude Rains Is Shocked!

Afghanistan Collapse Coming 'Faster Than We Thought' – PJ Media

Everyone knows that Afghanistan is hurtling toward an economic collapse. The writing has been on the wall since the Taliban took control of the country at the end of August.

But to government ministers from two separate countries are now saying that Afghanistan is on the brink of a historic humanitarian catastrophe unless billions of dollars in frozen assets are released immediately.

Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry says that the only way to prevent “catastrophe” is “direct engagement” with the Taliban.

“Are we going to push Afghanistan into chaos or are we going to try and stabilize the country?” he asked in Dubai.

Working with the Taliban won’t stabilize the country. They’ll just keep taking whatever money and supplies you want to offer and use them however they wish. You’ll be paying them trillions forever.

The only way to stabilize the country is to get the Taliban out.

If only we had a way of doing that…

Here’s Something Else That Was Better When Trump Was President

I should probably make a list at some point, but I have a feeling it’d be extremely long.

IAEA Says Monitoring Iran's Nuclear Program No Longer 'Intact' – PJ Media

Well, it’s just shocking that a weak Presidential administration with no real power in the Middle East would allow this to happen, isn’t it?

The International Atomic Energy Agency says that it no longer has access to monitoring devices keeping track of activity at a key site in Iran that manufactures centrifuge parts. This prevents the watchdog agency from assessing vital advances in centrifuge technology that could lead to a nuclear breakout by Iran in a matter of weeks.

IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi says that since the new fanatical Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, took power, his agency has had no communication with Raisi or the Iranian foreign minister. Iran has also denied the agency the ability to hold snap inspections and has interfered with the ability of the IAEA to service the monitoring equipment used by the agency. Rossi says the nuclear monitoring program in Iran is no longer “intact.”

Well, maybe you should send some people in to “fix” them and to find out what’s going on? Seems like that’s the natural next step.

This is extremely worrisome for a country that has vowed to wipe Israel off the map. They will soon have the power to do so.

03 November, 2021

03 November, 1957

The first animal in space.


I have a soft spot for dogs. Call me a wimp, if you wish. I don’t like this story.

Russian dog Laika was sent up in the spaceship Sputnik II to orbit Earth on this day.

Laika was a stray that had been picked up on the streets of Moscow. At the time there was no technology – or plans – to bring her back to Earth.
One of the technicians preparing her capsule said that "after placing Laika in the container and before closing the hatch, we kissed her nose and wished her bon voyage, knowing that she would not survive the flight."


So what happened to Laika? Although Moscow long insisted that she expired painlessly after about a week in orbit, an official with the Institute for Biological Problems leaked the truth in 2002: Laika died from panic and overheating within hours of takeoff.
The spacecraft circled Earth every hour and 42 minutes, travelling at 18,000 mph. But after five to seven hours into the flight, all signs of life received from the spacecraft stopped.
Over five months later, after 2,570 orbits, Sputnik II—including Laika's remains—disintegrated during re-entry on April 14, 1958.

Salutes to the first animal in space. Depressed that they couldn’t bring her home.

Biden’s Critics Hurl Increasingly Vulgar Taunts?

Media Vapors Over “Let’s Go Brandon” | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

The Washington Post‘s “fact checker” (use your best Austin Powers scare quotes pronunciation here) Glenn Kessler has his knickers in a wad today about the “increasingly vulgar taunts” being delivered at Resident Biden[.]

Seriously, where were these people from 2017-2020?

And I still remember how Sarah Palin was treated.

Let’s go, Brandon!

Education Issues Have Become an Albatross Around Terry McAuliffe’s Neck

Make no mistake. These are self-inflicted wounds.

Youngkin Expects to Ride Education Issues to victory – PJ Media

Terry McAuliffe wanted to shore up his support among the powerful teachers’ unions. The teachers and their allies on school boards have had a pretty rough go of it recently. Concerned parents had been showing up at school board meetings to complain about the curriculum their kids are being taught.

The arrogant school board members sought to silence the parents, basically telling them to sit down and shut up. The president of the national school board association had sent a letter to the president asking the federal government to treat the threats from some parents as “domestic terrorism.”

And then McAuliffe stuck his foot in it. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” he said during a debate with Youngkin.

That remark opened the floodgates of passionate opposition by parents and gave a power boost to Youngkin’s campaign.

Virtually overnight, Youngkin flipped the board on McAuliffe. After losing by double digits to the Democrat among independents in most polls. Youngkin now has a double-digit lead among indies. And Youngkin has drawn nearly even with McAuliffe among female voters after trailing badly.

This was entirely predictable. Parents are protective over their children. If you tell parents that they are terrorists or even just plain wrong for protecting their children, they’re not going to vote for you.

Apology Not Accepted

NSBA Apologizes For Letter Describing Potential Domestic Terrorism At School Board Meetings | The Daily Wire

On Friday, the NSBA apologized for that letter and the language it used. In addition, the association apologized for not getting prior approval from the organization’s board to send the letter.

“On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter,” the organization wrote in a letter to NSBA members. “To be clear, the safety of school board members, other public school officials and educators, and students is our top priority, and there remains important work to be done on this issue. However, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter. We should have had a better process in place to allow for consultation on a communication of this significance. We apologize also for the strain and stress this situation has caused you and your organizations.”

I’m glad you’re contrite, but let’s be clear. You made your opinions known the first time. I don’t believe that your opinions have changed. This is CYA.

Apology not accepted.

Maybe You Shouldn’t Have Voted for Him

Every Day, Biden Smells Like More of a Loser (yahoo.com)

You call yourself a “conservative”, and you voted for him. The rest of us “conservatives” saw this coming. He’s suffering from clear mental deterioration and wasn’t that bright to begin with. All of this was obvious before the election. You missed it, or chose to ignore it. So, you’re the one that smells like more of a Loser.

Had Biden aggressively moved to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, he would likely have garnered dozens of Republican votes, and progressives would have likely either caved to his will or been shown to be impotent. This is my counterfactual analysis, at least.

Instead, though, Biden let progressives press him into (sort of) linking passage of the bipartisan bill with a $3.5 trillion social welfare reconciliation package. By trying to have it all, there’s now a chance that he could get neither.

Why would an experienced former senator and vice president—who spent his career working across the aisle—make this mistake?

See above. The mistake was thinking that he’d actually be competent. And that’s on you.

Get Used to Headlines Like This in Biden’s America

Zogby Poll: Inflation starving 3 in 10 of daily meals | Washington Examiner

Double-digit surges in the prices of basics such as milk and eggs and bread have forced 29.3% to miss meals, especially among the poor and young, according to a new Zogby Poll just shared with Secrets.

But wait, there’s more.

In his analysis, pollster Jonathan Zogby said that inflation on many items of daily use, including food and energy, is hollowing out the middle class and that the Biden team, which has dubbed the crisis a “high-class problem,” isn’t doing enough to control it.

People not being able to afford food is a “high class problem”.


Let’s Censor Brandon!

YouTube deletes "Let's Go Brandon" rap track (reclaimthenet.org)

YouTube has deleted the video of Bryson Gray’s increasingly popular track “Let’s Go Brandon,” featuring Tyson James and Chandler Crump.

The Google-owned platform claimed that the video contained medical misinformation.

News of the censorship was announced by Bryson Gray, who describes himself as the “most censored rap artist in America.”

“YouTube has banned ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song from YouTube due to ‘medical information.’ What medical misinformation is in the song? Whoa,” Gray wrote on Thursday.

It’s a Rap Song. Medical misinformation? Really?

No one could really be this stupid. I don’t believe it.

Just in Case You’ve Forgotten What’s Going on at Our Southern Border

Biden’s Border Crisis Reaches Historic Levels After New Numbers Released For September | The Daily Wire

Democrat President Joe Biden’s border crisis reached a new level on Friday as data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) showed that the Border Patrol has made approximately 1.66 million arrests of illegal aliens entering the U.S. from Mexico for Fiscal Year 2021.

“Border crossings surpassed 1.6 million annually at least twice recently, in 1986 and in 2000,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “In 2019, when crossings reached a peak under the Trump administration, the Border Patrol made about 850,000 arrests.”

So, it’s twice as bad as it was the last year under Trump, and getting worse. This has reached humanitarian crisis levels now.

It’s embarrassing to say, but we may need the UN to step in and assist. We clearly can’t do it on our own. Or at least the current administration can’t.

The China Virus Fatality Rate for Teens and Under Is Something Less Than .001 Percent, or Less Than 1 in 10,000 Cases

YouTube censors Senator Ron Johnson for "misinformation" after he protested vaccinating kids (reclaimthenet.org)

Senators are not allowed to express their opinions on YouTube.

YouTube deleted a video where Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson expressed his disapproval of the pending approval of the COVID vaccines for kids aged 5 to 11. The platform said the video violated its policies on misinformation.

Sen. Johnson made the comments in an interview with Dan O’Donnell. When the reporter posted the video, it was removed by YouTube over violation of misinformation policies.

I’m sorry. Who died and made YouTube the arbiter of truth? No one is even allowed to express their opinions anymore?

What kind of totalitarian regime is this?

Biden’s America, man.

Well, That Will Make the Country More Safe

Biden Endorses Firing ALL First Responders Who Resist Vaccine Mandate, Says What He Really Thinks About Freedom [VIDEO] (lifezette.com)

Look, I understand the Biden Administration has drawn a line in the sand with respect to the vaccines, and they can’t afford to look even weaker than they are by backing down.

But there has to be some sort of compromise situation here. We can’t go firing police officers and active duty military.

An intelligent administration would not have painted themselves into a corner like this. But they need to come up with something. The current solution is bad for everyone.

Let’s Go Scranton!

Biden Gets The Welcome He Deserves In His Hometown? The People Of Scranton Let Him Know… [VIDEO] (lifezette.com)

This Is Absolutely Horrible

Right here in Indiana, too. Ugh.

Covid Unvaxxed Teen Boy Denied Medical Treatment - Victory Girls Blog

The mother, in this case, brings her teen boy in to be checked because he is not feeling well. The young man looks athletic. What we don’t see before the mother starts filming is that the Nurse Practitioner has already diagnosed the teen with sinusitis, an ear infection and bronchitis. Then, because the teen has not been vaccinated for Covid, the Nurse Practitioner refuses to prescribe antibiotics. That is when the mother starts filming. This is short. Don’t miss a second:

With any luck, this nurse will be terminated and never allowed to work in healthcare again.

Yes, I know that doing so might add to the healthcare worker crisis, but doesn’t seem like much of a loss in this case, since she’s not actually providing healthcare!

Much like my last couple of posts, the word “evil” springs to mind.