Friday, September 18, 2009

Racism In America Up By 110%

Since January 27, racism in America is up by 110%

Ok, that’s obviously ridiculous, but that’s what former President Jimmy Carter (D-USA) and the MSM would have you believe.

These people would like you to believe that all opposition to President Barack Obama (D-USA) is based upon racism.

Well, on January 27, 2009, Obama’s disapproval rating stood at 20%. It’s now at 41.9%. That’s an increase of 110% in less than 8 months. That means America is creating over a quarter of a million new racists every day!


Let’s get real. Some of us, in fact, most of us, dislike Obama because of his policies, and we don’t give a damn how much melanin he has in his skin. He’s an awful President, and he’d be an awful President if he was an old white guy or a young white woman or a middle aged Hispanic or a youthful looking Oriental Asian.

Data for my numbers can be found here.

UPDATE: Fixed my poor wording for those of Asian descent. Thanks, Roy.


Parker Smith said...

Next you'll try to tell us your error was Occidental...

Chris Of Rights said...

Arrrrr....aye matey, it's plain ye're a fellow sea dog.

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