16 September, 2009

Intemperate Thought of the Day #4

James Taranto, writing for the online version of the Wall Street Journal (I have no idea whether it’s in the print version) wonders:

How come Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart keep scooping the New York Times?

When I read that, I remembered reading All the President’s Men (one of the two best books on Watergate—the other is Silent Coup by Colodny and Gettlin) by Woodward and Bernstein. The interesting thing about that book is that not only do you learn a lot about the Watergate scandal and how sleazy Washington is, but you also learn how sleazy the news media is. And how they’ll stop at nothing to avoid being scooped or to get the scoop themselves.

Today’s Washington Post and New York Times are scooped almost daily.

And they don’t seem to care…

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