Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elite Eight Chances

Now we’re down to the Elite Eight. Who’s gonna win now that Duke and the Buckeyes are out of the way? As you might expect, things are looking good for the Jayhawks. Finally we have 3 teams with more than a 10% chance to win it all, and Kansas is over 40%.

  Elite Eight Final Four Championship
Kansas 85.78% 62.40% 42.35%
Kentucky 54.29% 36.83% 17.31%
North Carolina 45.71% 27.53% 12.09%
Connecticut 52.23% 17.07% 7.95%
Florida 55.23% 21.15% 7.58%
Arizona 47.77% 16.32% 7.44%
Butler 44.77% 14.49% 4.10%
VA Commonwealth 14.22% 4.21% 1.18%

The computer still doesn’t believe in VCU, but is starting to believe a bit more in the Butler Bulldogs. Other than the KU/VCU games, all the games this round are pretty even. No matter what happens, it shouldn’t be considered a surprise.

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