01 July, 2008

Americans Blame Congress For High Gas Prices

And Americans are right. As I've detailed here, several times.

Consumer Reports has a survey which showed:

that 77 percent of consumers single out the government's failure to implement an effective energy policy as a root cause for high gas prices

Good, unfortunately:

75 percent of consumers blame oil companies; and 70 percent blame foreign oil producers.

I suppose this is the "blame everyone" philosophy.  Scratch that, it's the "blame everyone but myself" philosophy. If you're driving that huge SUV or never carpool to work when you easily could (I fit into the latter category), then you're partially to blame as well.  The Greens are right on that one.

Here's good news though:

When asked about actions the federal government could take to reduce fuel costs, 81 percent want to allow more drilling in the United States and offshore and 90 percent support increasing alternative energy development.

Wow, maybe someone could start a petition or something.

Or, even better, maybe one of the Presidential candidates could use this in his campaign.


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