18 July, 2008

High Price of Gasoline? Blame India and China, Not Congress

So says Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) (emphasis mine):

I put more responsibility on China and India who are using the oil. This is not a situation where the blame game really applies, though there is really enough blame to go around. But Congress is no more to blame than India and China.

Ummmmm....ok. That's not entirely wrong.  I've mentioned here before that increased worldwide demand is a big reason for the higher prices. However, Mr. Nelson, it doesn't matter if "Congress is no more to blame than India and China". Because there's little we can do about China and India.  We can do something about Congress.

We can "throw da bums out"! You seem like a good one to start with. Unfortunately, we have to wait four more years for that.

Mr. Nelson, there are always two sides of high prices. It's the law of supply and demand.  We may not be able to do much about China and India's demand, but we can increase our supply.

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  1. Stop offshoring, outsourcing and outtasking. American Corporations should be required to pay extra taxes by legislation in taking jobs away from Americans in order to force American jobs back home as well as help decrease fuel demands by emerging 3rd. world economies.
    Offshoring, outsourcing and outtasking has only helped increase the gap between few selective rich and the majority poor in emerging economies, which in turn has increased discontentment amongst the poor.