07 September, 2008

Gallup And Rasmussen 09/07

Both daily tracking polls are out. I did a good job of reading the tea leaves yesterday from Rasmussen, and of analyzing Gallup.  Gallup, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) 48, Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) 45. Rasmussen 48/48. This fits the pattern of the last couple weeks. Rasmussen has been consistently a little more "Obama friendly" than Gallup since the start of the DNC.

I don't see any hints at all in Rasmussen or Gallup about tomorrow.

Question: How long before there's a LOUD outcry on the lefty blogs demanding that Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) be replaced with Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)?

This will be my last day for a while at reporting on the polls.  There are plenty of places to go that are better than mine, and I have enough obsessions without obsessing over polls too.  :)

UPDATE: Ok, I'm not quite finished. I would like to point out that the three point lead in Gallup is better than I projected. I was expecting one to two points.  That means McCain has had two great days of polling in a row. It's very possible that the lead could grow to 4 tomorrow.

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