21 December, 2010

Islam: The Religion Of Peace And Tolerance

Do you recognize this girl?

No? How about another pic. Maybe you recognize her from this?

Ah. Well, that makes things a bit easier, doesn’t it?

The girl’s name is Afshan Azad, and she plays Padma Patil in the Harry Potter series.

Her father’s name is Abul Azad and her brother, Ashraf Azad. They are both practicing Muslim. The two peaceful men assaulted Afshan, branded her a prostitute, and threatened to kill her. In fact, an exact quote from the peaceful father was that he would kill her because he didn’t want his sons to “have her blood on their hands and he would do time for it.”

The reason these peaceful men were so outraged is because she dated a non-Muslim, a Hindu, in fact. The religion of peace and tolerance doesn’t allow for that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, as often happens in domestic violence cases, Afshan later equivocated, through fear or embarrassment, and refused to give evidence to convict the two men. Her brother yesterday pled guilty to assault and charges of threatening to kill her were dropped against both.

Read more in the Telegraph and the Post.

This is Islam. The religion of peace and tolerance.

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