06 June, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Hacks Anthony Weiner’s…Press Conference

I want this as my screensaver. This is the best press conference you’ll ever see. If you haven’t watched it, please do. If you have, watch it again. For those of you who don’t know, Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY-09) scheduled a press conference today to discuss the latest news regarding his lewd pictures scandal. The story was originally reported on one of Andrew Breitbart’s sites, BigGovernment.Com, and Breitbart happened to be in the area of the press conference. He stopped by, and Weiner was late, so the press asked Breitbart to step to the microphone for a few questions. He obliged.

My favorite part is when he excoriates the press for not doing their job, while they’re still not doing their job and instead are attacking him.

There are a few amazing exchanges worth watching and listening to. The first is at about 5:05 seconds when a reporter asks Breitbart:

“Mr. Breitbart, why did you put this on the web in the first place? What were you trying to achieve?”

A: “It’s clearly a news story. Why are you trying to challenge a news story?”

Breitbart is clearly amazed at the inanity of the question. He runs a journalism site. This is news. How about a better question, why didn’t anyone else want to touch this story? If you were ever in doubt about how much the MSM is in the tank for the Dems, this question itself should clear it up for you. I can’t think of a more eye opening example.

Well, except for this one at about 9:40.

“Why should we believe you?”

A: “Ok, everything that I’ve said so far has come to be true. I’d like to hear one--The media says Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies. Give me one example of a provable lie. One. One. Journalists? One. Put your reputation on the line here. One provable lie.”

Again, Breitbart gets a little fiery here, deservedly so. I could give the MSM a pass on this one, if they had ever bothered to ask Congressman Weiner the same question. Weiner’s story clearly had problems with it from the beginning, and he clearly was acting like someone trying to hide something. And the MSM was just as clearly not interested in finding out what he was trying to hide.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Weiner should be treated as guilty until proven innocent—wait, maybe I am after all. This is supposed to be an adversarial press, right? Anyway, the press should be interested in a scandal and in getting to the bottom of it. They never went after Weiner, instead they were willing accomplices in his story and laughed with him at his silly jokes. Today, not only did Congressman Weiner end up looking ridiculous, but so did the entire mainstream media. One guy monitoring Twitter from his basement and another guy with a relatively fledgling media site did the job that the MSM is unwilling to do. We used to call this job “investigative journalism”. I don’t know what the folks that used to do that call their jobs now, because there’s clearly nothing investigative or journalistic about it.

So, for 15 minutes they got to listen to Andrew Breitbart lecture them all on how they should do their jobs. I’d hope that some of it sunk in, but I’ve given up hope on such things. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will sink in to the next generation of aspiring journalists.

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