18 May, 2012

P90X Day 21: X Stretch

The most exciting thing about finishing Day 21 is that it means you’re essentially through with Phase I. Next week is the “Recovery and Ab Focus” week. I like the sound of the first part, but not the second part. :)

Stretching is not my forté. It may be the part where I can tell most just how out of shape I have become. I started riding my bike again a little bit last summer, and it hurt just to lift my leg enough to get on the bike. That’s how tight my hamstrings are. Much better now, but there’s still LOTS of room for improvement.

And, this is probably the slowest and most difficult area to gain back. After 90 days I may only be able to get a couple inches farther on most of the stretches. It may even be less than that. At my age, it’s hard to do anything to increase flexibility. But X Stretch and Yoga X are definitely helping. I can actually grab hold of my toes on one of the hamstring stretches. I think the last time I was able to do that, I was about 15.

This is definitely a workout where you measure progress in terms of millimeters, or in seconds (as in, “how many seconds can I hold this”). I can tell things are getting better. And I definitely feel great afterwards. But it’s by no means speedy. Millimeters. Ugh.

Tomorrow, the schedule changes completely. Yoga X on Saturday, and this terrifying sounding “Core Synergistics” on Sunday. Stay tuned.

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