27 May, 2012

P90X Day 30: Plyometrics

I did this first thing this morning, just haven't had a a chance to post about it until now. The day before Memorial Day is a busy one in my household.

As I've mentioned numerous times now, the cardio workouts give me trouble. Oh, who am I kidding? They all give me trouble, just in different ways. A better way to say it is that I'm often dissatisfied with my performance during the cardio workouts. Well, either I'm getting better at them or it's getting easier to raise my heart rate. I was "in the zone" pretty much constantly during Plyometrics today, and even managed to do the "Hot Foot" exercise right for the first time.

And, wow, was I pooped afterwards. And totally soaked in sweat. I may just have to burn the clothes I was wearing. I'm not sure they're salvageable. ;) I'm actually starting to like this workout quite a bit. Or, as I say about Ab Ripper X, "I hate it, but I love it." (ok, I stole that quote from Tony Horton without attribution. Err...now I think it's no longer without attribution)

Actually, the most amazing thing about today is that I am pretty much right on target for nutrition. Since I had pizza from my favorite pizza joint for lunch, that's remarkable. I should get some sort of medal for the self-control I showed today.

Tomorrow, Back & Biceps. That's another new one, and I assume Ab Ripper X will be at the end, but I haven't actually looked. Since I'm off work tomorrow, I'll probably do it first thing and try to get out an early post tomorrow. Perhaps I'll even have two tomorrow.

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