17 June, 2008

McCain Seeks to End Offshore Drilling Ban

All I can say is "Woohoo!"

From today's Washington Post:

Sen. John McCain [(R-AZ)] called yesterday for an end to the federal ban on offshore oil drilling, offering an aggressive response to high gasoline prices and immediately drawing the ire of environmental groups that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has courted for months.

And the response from Barack Obama (D-IL)?

Democratic Sen. Barack Obama joined the criticism, calling the idea of lifting the ban the wrong answer to out-of-control energy prices. "John McCain's plan to simply drill our way out of our energy crisis is the same misguided approach backed by President Bush that has failed our families for too long and only serves to benefit the big oil companies," Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan said.

Well, there you have it, folks. One candidate is for energy independence and for lowering the cost of gas. And one isn't.

The choice should now be pretty clear.

Back in 2000, I was ahead of the curve. Energy independence was my #1 issue heading into the 2000 elections. Of course, neither major candidate for President addressed it, so I was left to choose based upon other things.

In 2004, it dropped to my #2 issue behind the War On Terror (as others have noted, the issues are not totally un-related). Once again, neither major candidate addressed it, but at least there were clear differences between the candidates on terrorism.

Now, in 2008, I have moved it back up to #1, with the War On Terror now slipping to #2, taxes #3 and the economy #4 (3 and 4 are not totally unrelated either...hmmm).

McCain also backs building more nuclear power plants. Once again, I say "Woohoo!". Now if he would only stop attacking big business, he might actually become a candidate I can support with some real enthusiasm.

Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less. It seems so simple, doesn't it? Why can't our politicians get it?

Well, one man running for President has seen at least a glimmer of the light.

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