10 June, 2008

Something I've Never Understood

Why, oh why, does the left hate George W. Bush (R-USA) so much? Why does "Bush Derangement Syndrome" exist?

This is a man who as President, has primarily governed from the center, or even the left. Only on three issues has he been consistently right of center: the War in Iraq, taxes, and Supreme Court Justices.

In every other issue, growth of government, No Child Left Behind, "immigration reform", just to name a few, he's come down on the left side of the aisle.

Is it because of the "stolen election" in 2000?

Is it because he says "nucular"?

Is it because of the way he talks in general?

Is it because he's made a career out of getting people to underestimate him and they have fallen into that trap several times?

If these are the reasons, it's a sad statement about the left, that they would be so petty in their dislike of a person to not even realize that he's aided their cause immensely.

At least if there's an "Barack Obama (D-IL) Derangement Syndrome", it will have a logical basis. There's nothing at all centrist about Obama.

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