24 August, 2008

"If You're Not Voting for Obama, Go Home. You're Not Voting Here Today."

That's a quote from a documentary by Director Gigi Gaston called "We Will Not Be Silenced" that looks into alleged "widespread abuses" and "fraud" in the Democratic caucuses. If you recall, Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) did very well in the caucus states. Those states essentially allowed Obama to win the nomination and defeat Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

They have a preview of their documentary.  It's very interesting and worth viewing, but ... well, I'll let you watch for yourself.  Perhaps you'll be outraged, perhaps you won't.

I'm having trouble embedding the video.  You can find it here.

Personally, I've never been a fan of caucuses, and this video shows why. And as awful as it sounds, I'm not hearing much that I haven't heard before about previous caucuses. One person's "cheating" is another person's "working the system".

The truth of the matter is simple: caucuses are corrupt and always have been. Clinton got beat by someone who was better at "working the system" than she was. The fact that the person who worked the system best is from Chicago should be surprising to no one.

Note that the part about the school students in IN is widely accepted as true and was widely reported in Indiana on the primary day, so it's not news to me.  But there are 49 other states that may not have heard about this. Once again, the area of corruption is Lake County, IN. For those that don't know IN geography, Lake County is essentially the city of Gary, a black suburb of Chicago.

Obama: "Politics of Change" or "Politics of Chicago"?

November 4th is going to be fun.

Hat Tip: Advance Indiana

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  1. What compounds the problem this year is that Obama's "team" had more money to spend on advertising, which seems to have won over most of the networks to Obama's side.

    When one candidate is outspending the other by a 3-1 margin on television, the odds that candidate will be favored by the networks increases.

    Based on the tone and angle the networks chose to cover this years contest, Hillary Clinton had to run uphill even during stretches where the momentum had shifted towards her.

    I'm also a bit concerned by the democratic higher ups being paid off to support Barack Obama. At the end of the day, I don't think that the caucuses captured the Fair Reflection of their own states population, and that is what should matter most.

    Hillary Clinton actually won more pledged delegates in all the primaries, even when Florida and Michigan are not counted. Yet somehow the media created an uproar over Hillary Clinton not suspending and releasing her delegates quickly enough even though this has been the closest race in the history of the democratic party.