30 August, 2008

Zogby Has McCain/Palin +2 Over Obama/Biden!

Yes, you read that right.  Zogby's overnight poll run last night after the selection of Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) as Senator John McCain's (R-AZ) has them leading the ticket of Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) 47% to 45%.

Info here.

Bounce? What bounce?

52% say Palin helps McCain.  Really.  The other 48% are confused.

Overall, 52% said the selection of Palin as the GOP vice presidential nominee helps the Republican ticket, compared to 29% who said it hurt. Another 10% said it made no difference, while 10% were unsure. Among independent voters, 52% said it helps, while 26% said it would hurt. Among women, 48% said it would help, while 29% said it would hurt the GOP ticket. Among Republicans, the choice was a big hit - as 87% said it would help, and just 3% said it would hurt.

It's already helped.  McCain/Palin brought in $7 million in the last 24 hours.


  1. thahkyou for posting this. this is a good sign for america.

  2. You're welcome. My analysis of the Gallup daily track leads me to believe that unless polling is exceptionally good for Obama today, that the bounce has already ended there too.