04 November, 2008



That's the number of days since the last successful terrorist attack on American soil.

Tell me you believed that possible on September 12, 2001. Tell me taking the fight to the terrorists hasn't worked. Tell me that Senator Barack Obama's (D-IL) way of fighting terrorists is better. Tell me there's any candidate to vote for other than Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

Tell me any of those things, and I'll tell you my response.



  1. I believe with all my heart that John McCain is clearly the best candidate for the job of President. I also believe that if the stupid and uneducated voters of this country elect Barack Obama as our next President I feel that terrorist will attack the US again just like they did on September 11th. I will also blame the MSM for their bias journalistic practices. After this election I will wash my hands of the news media because they clearly supported one candidate this election and were not fair and just. I commend any blogger or conservative radio talk show host who spoke out against the chosen one and MSM. We live in a free nation as described in the US Constitution. Going against what the Constitution stands for is utterly repulsive.

  2. You need a javascript counter to keep it current.

    Do you know anything about computers?


  3. Parker: Done!

    CelticSweetie: Well, neither candidate is perfect when it comes to defending the Constitution. Check out my posts on Civil Liberties.