20 January, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mr. President

Happy anniversary, Mr. President. One year ago today, you took the Oath of Office.

It’s been a harder first year than you could’ve possibly imagined.

The economy’s still in the tank.

Everyone hates your health care plan.

Your “green initiative” was run by an avowed Communist who was forced to resign and is based upon junk science.

After campaigning on fiscal responsibility, you’ve run up the debt to staggering, never before seen numbers.

You’ve suffered humiliating losses in statewide elections in NJ, VA, and MA.

You’re facing a Bill Clinton (D-USA) moment. This is the moment when “triangulation” was formed. For those that don’t know, “triangulation” is a term coined by Dick Morris in 1994, when he was advising Bill Clinton. It means when facing a difficult situation, pivot your position to what is passable and what the American people want, and then pretend that was your position from the very beginning.

It saved Bill Clinton’s political career and gave him a second term.

Mr. President, will you follow Bill Clinton’s example, or will you continue to run blindly in the opposite direction of the country?

The choice is yours.

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