27 December, 2010

GOP Unveils New House Rules

Read here or here.

There’s some good stuff here and some fluff. Former members can’t use the House gym? I suppose that’s to keep lobbying out of the House, but it seems like window dressing to me.

Reading of the Constitution? Photo op. Blegh.

I like the separate vote on raising the debt ceiling, but there’s no doubt that’s going to be contentious.

But the stuff about committee roll calls, committee votes, and making the text of the bills public all sounds great.

I like the idea of CUT/GO, but then I like PAY/GO too.

Let me repeat. All of that sounds great.

We heard similar things before the start of the 111th Congress. The Democrats repeatedly ignored their own rules. If PAY/GO had been enforced, almost nothing the 111th House did would have ever been passed. We’ll see how the GOP House does. I remain skeptical.

I give it a tentative thumbs up, but will state again something I’ve been saying for months and expect to say often over the next two years.

Actions speak louder than words, GOP. If you think of this as a second chance, you’re wrong. It’s your last chance.

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