08 January, 2011

The GOP and ObamaCare

As I said in my last post, and many times previously, ObamaCare must be repealed before it destroys this country.

The GOP seems to get that. They’re going to vote in the House to repeal it next week. Yes, it’s for show. Yes, it will pass easily. No, it will not make it through the Senate. It will probably never even reach the Senate floor. And, if by some miracle, it could pass the Senate, it would be vetoed, and there’s not enough votes even in the House to survive a Presidential veto.

Does that mean that the GOP is wasting time? No. Symbols do occasionally count for something. And doing this right before the SOTU will be a slap in the face to Obama.

And the GOP seems to understand that this isn’t the only way to defeat this POS law. A couple of GOP members are stating publicly that every single appropriations bill that passes the house should include specific language that prohibits any funding for implementation of ObamaCare.

I agree. I also think that this is something where there’s no room for compromise. Such a bill won’t pass the Senate. So the GOP needs to make sure that ObamaCare becomes a PR nightmare for the Democrats. It’s the only way they win this showdown. The first side that blinks is doomed. When nothing less than the future of the country is at stake, the GOP can’t afford to be the side that blinks. Obama blinked on taxes, but this is even bigger. For both sides.

Hold your Congressman’s feet to the fire on this one, and make sure you let him know you’ve got his back, if, and only if, he votes the right way.

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