02 January, 2011

The Quintessential Panoply of Mellifluous Words


Please, I beg your forbearance for a moment. Shake off your lassitude and languor. The eloquence presented here, while dulcet, will be ephemeral, and soon many of these words will no doubt fade into desuetude.

I am not trying to cause an imbroglio, nor to use ineffable word choices. Nor do I have the propinquity for anything untoward by such labyrinthine expressions. Or the wherewithal to achieve anything in a surreptitious manner.

In fact, we have reached the denouement of this mystery. I have presented several of the “100 Most Beautiful Words in English”. Hopefully you will regard this post as serendipitous.

1 comment:

  1. Yet I'm one of the maybe 5 people who cognized every effluence.
    My co-workers would have said, "But of course," before expressing, "What the hell did she just say?"