13 May, 2011

P.T.–Still Laughing At You

Time to write another post about that crap sandwich disguised as health reform, commonly called ObamaCare.

Remember, in our last post, we discovered that the Dems lied to us about the cost of the bill. They were forced to admit that they double counted their Medicare savings. Ooops.

And now, the American Medical Group Association weighs in:

Just over a month ago, the administration released long-awaited draft regulations for "accountable care organizations," networks of doctors and hospitals that would collaborate to keep Medicare patients healthier and share in the savings with taxpayers. Obama's health care overhaul law envisioned quickly setting up hundreds of such networks around the county to lead a bottom-up reform of America's bloated health care system.

But in an unusual rebuke, an umbrella group representing premier organizations such as the Mayo Clinic wrote the administration Wednesday saying that more than 90 percent of its members would not participate, because the rules as written are so onerous it would be nearly impossible for them to succeed.

And this:

The regulations are "overly prescriptive, operationally burdensome, and the incentives are too difficult to achieve to make this voluntary program attractive," the medical group association said in its letter. One of the major problems seems to be that medical groups have little experience in managing insurance risk, and the administration blueprint rapidly exposes them to potential financial losses.

But, my favorite line from the article is here:

Fisher, the medical association head, said he does not think the administration will easily back off its approach, because on paper it saves the government money.

So, in other words, the administration’s not going to back down, even though no one is going to participate, because “on paper it saves the government money”. That’s so laughable you could hurt yourself. As we’ve shown plenty of times already, there’s NO MONEY SAVINGS. Not for the government, not for anyone.

But, who are the suckers this time?

Many in the health care industry were silent partners backing Obama's overhaul law, but disappointment over the accountable care rules has put a chill into the relationship. During the congressional debate, Obama extolled Mayo and Geisinger, holding them up as a model of what he wanted to achieve for the nation. Industry criticism of his administration's proposal has been building up for weeks in online forums.

Bingo. Well, it’s not like you weren’t warned. Remember this?

Did you really think that was going to come without higher cost and burdensome regulations?

You got suckered, and now we’re all paying for it. Thank you very much.

Barack Obama’s (D-USA) entire Presidency has been a big game of Three Card Monte. He lets you think you can win, making you think you know what’s going on and that the game is going to work out for you, and then he hides the queen. And you lose. And you lose. And you lose.

The problem is that it’s not just some jerk on a street corner losing their money to another jerk on a street corner. It’s the entire nation losing all their money to a jerk in the White House.

Well, at least P.T. is still happy. He’s found some more suckers. Don’t worry. If you still believe in this law, P.T. will find you eventually. There may be one born every minute, but the number of ongoing ObamaCare suckers is shrinking fast.

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