10 May, 2011

Senator Lugar, It’s Time For You To Go

I voted for you in 2006, 2000, and 1994. But this e-mail clearly shows that you’ve lost touch with your constituents. I’ve included the entire text of the e-mail from your campaign (emphasis mine).

After giving his second of three commencement addresses this weekend, Dick Lugar continued to question President Obama on the cost of military operations in Afghanistan and its effect on national debt. At the same time, Richard Mourdock’s campaign invited Democrat Joe Donnelly into the race for the U.S. Senate.

“Right now, Richard Mourdock is Obama’s favorite Republican because if he wins that primary and Joe Donnelly is the nominee that’s their (Democrats) shot at the Senate seat held by Dick Lugar,” said Indiana’s own Peter Rusthoven, former Reagan White House Counsel and conservative political commentator on Indiana Insiders Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Common wisdom says that Dick Lugar would easily win a general election in 2012 with a recent poll showing that he is the most popular public official in the state of Indiana.

Unfortunately, a large number of Republican County Chairmen have been duped into participating in the same failed scheme that resulted in Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle and cost us two crucial Senate Seats in 2010. (If the Republican parties in Delaware, Nevada, and Colorado had taken the Reagan “big tent” approach, we would have already repealed Obamacare.) Mr. Mourdock has hired the same consultants that brought us these unelectable candidates, and with Mr. Donnelly joining the race the pattern is complete.

Dick Lugar’s record as a fiscal conservative and leader on following Constitutional values (including the correct interpretation of the Constitution on war powers and judicial appointments) is impeccable. I encourage all Republican leaders to rally around the Dick Lugar flag now; you have been led down a wrong path and it’s time to come home.

Republican candidates in DE, NV, and CO did not take this threat seriously. We do. And, we will be happy to rally Republican voters to this view a year from now. We would rather do it with your support than without you. But do it we shall.

Dick Lugar looks forward to a vigorous re-election campaign, and has been mobilizing his supporters the past several months for both the primary and general elections. He will continue to focus on the best opportunities to create an economic climate that produces more jobs for Hoosiers and Americans, and growing new markets for our products at home and abroad.


David W. Willkie
Political Director
Friends of Dick Lugar

Ok, first highlighted section. He calls out Mourdock as “Obama’s favorite Republican”. I guess he has to do that. Use your favorite search engine and look up that phrase. The #1 hit likely includes the name “Dick Lugar”. So, he’s trying to make a positive out of a negative, but all it does is remind us that Lugar really is Obama’s favorite Republican.

Second highlighted section, “Common wisdom says…” that there’s no way the Dems could lose the house in 2010. Or at least it did in May of 2009. ‘Nuff said.

Third highlighted section. Leon H. Wolf nails it at RedState, so I’ll just borrow his words:

A few things. First, while a candidate might think voters are morons for not wanting to vote for him, it is generally a bad idea to say it out loud, on the off chance that some of those voters might be persuaded to come home.

Second, while I agree that O’Donnell and Angle were bad candidates (and strongly disagree on Buck), it’s ridiculous to claim that the GOP would have done better if it had nominated the candidates who were routed by the aforementioned bad candidates in the primary. This is the same line of thinking that posits that we lost to Obama because McCain was such a crappy candidate, and we should have instead nominated… one of the people who lost to McCain. Does not compute.

Third, math is apparently not a strong suit of Dick Lugar. The GOP currently controls 47 seats in the Senate. Adding three more seats (CO, NV, DE) would put us at 50. Thus, even supposing Castle would vote to repeal Obamacare, the best we could accomplish on an Obamacare repeal vote would be a tie, which would be broken by Joe Biden. Which is completely academic anyway, since a) the Democrats would filibuster the vote and b) failing all of that, Obama would just veto it. But, yeah, if those TEA Party people weren’t such morons, we’d totally have repealed Obamacare by now.

But if that’s not egregious enough, the fourth highlighted section should get your blood boiling. It’s very plainly a thinly veiled threat to go the independent route should things not work out for Lugar in the GOP primary.

Senator Lugar, the people of Indiana deserve better. We don’t need people with that kind of attitude in our lives. My advice for you is the same as the Club for Growth. Retire. Retire now with some dignity and class.

I’ve not been the most ardent supporter of Richard Mourdock. It would not be wrong to say it’s been tepid, at best. But no more. I don’t want someone representing me with this kind of entitlement attitude. I deserve better. Indiana deserves better.

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