09 May, 2012

P90X Day 11: Yoga X

I missed my update yesterday, as I was too busy keeping up with IN primary results. I did get the workout in though.

Same as last time, Yoga X kicked my butt. But, I needed it. There’s a reason for the cycle in P90X. You do a day of strength, a day of cardio, then strength again, then stretch. Then you follow that up with strength, cardio, and end the week with another stretch. Your body needs that stretch time to recover.

But P90X yoga is not your every day yoga workout. I never thought you could work up a sweat doing yoga, but I did yesterday. And I suspect that as I get more limber, working up a sweat will actually be easier. Can’t wait.

Anyway, short update today. I have a bit more to say about Yoga X, but think I’ll wait until next week. Today’s workout is Legs & Back. More wall sits and pull ups. Hooray. And can’t forget (like I did on Monday), Ab Ripper X is today too. Another hard day of P90X. Just like all the rest.

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