06 May, 2012

P90X Day 9: Plyometrics Revisited

9 days down. Ten percent complete.

I know. I’ve promised diet & nutrition stuff for several days. The weekend has been far busier than I expected. That’s my only excuse. I will try to get to it before bed tonight, but if not tonight, it will definitely happen tomorrow.

So, day 9 is back to Plyometrics. This is the relatively high impact jump training set, if you recall. If you also recall, I didn’t feel like I was pushed quite as far as I could’ve been last time while doing it. Heart rate was consistently in the upper 140s/lower 150s. Not a bad workout, but I was hoping for more.

For the last several days, I’ve felt like I’ve been getting more out of the P90X workouts. Some of it is that I’ve been pushing myself harder. But I think part of the reason I’ve been pushing myself harder is that I’ve had more energy from this high protein diet I’ve been on (see, I really do need to talk diet & nutrition).

Today again followed the recent pattern. This week’s Plyometrics was harder on me than last week, and I have the heart rate records to prove it. Instead of 140s/150s, this week I was 150s/160s. I like those numbers much better. Technically, I could get up to about 170 and still be “in the zone”, but I don’t like how that feels. It stops feeling like a workout then, and more like something I shouldn’t be doing. Again, I have to admit, that I still don’t think I got quite as much out of today as possible. I started to run out of gas by the end, and slowed down somewhat for the last set or so. Still, it was definitely a hard workout, and I’m pooped.

Tomorrow, Shoulders & Arms. Lots of weights. I have a more complete weight set now, so hopefully I can skip the bands that I used last time.

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