24 May, 2012

P90X Day 27: Yoga X

Nothing new to say about Yoga X. This is the 5th time I’ve done this workout, I think. I look ridiculous on the last couple of the active poses. I think it’s half moon and twisting half moon. Actually, it’s true of pretty much any of the stuff that begins with Warrior 3.

You have no idea until you’ve done this workout what it feels like when you make it through the first half. Of course, the second half, with Yoga Belly 7, isn’t really any better. But at least it starts off easier, and gives you a break. At the end of that first 45, I am completely drenched in sweat. Hard to believe that yoga could make you sweat so much.

One other minor thing I’ve noticed. I haven’t mentioned it before, but you hear a lot about people who do P90X, and how they’re in constant pain for the entire 90 days. They shouldn’t be. If you’re one of those people that after day 1, you can’t lift up your arms to shampoo your hair, then you’re doing it wrong. You could be pushing yourself too hard, but most likely you’re not eating right. That’s why they make those protein drinks people. A nice big protein drink right after a workout will greatly reduce your pain the next day.

Now, a little pain is ok, especially in the beginning. Heck, even now on day 27, my legs are sore after doing all of the yoga. But in the morning, I’ll be fine. Probably even sooner.

I don’t know why I brought that up. Just did.

Tomorrow, or some time this weekend, I’ll likely have at least one nutrition post. And next Wednesday or Thursday will see my first mini-review of the P90X program as a whole. By that time I’ll have done all the workouts, so I’ll have something to say. My full review will occur on or after day 90. But there will be a preliminary one next week.

Tomorrow, X Stretch and the end of Phase I. Stay tuned.

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