09 July, 2012

P90X Day 72: Plyometrics

Posting this in the morning of day 73, rather than the evening of day 72. Sue me.

Plyometrics is brutal. And it doesn’t get easier. In fact, this is one of the workouts that might actually get a little harder. I know I talk about this a lot, but the first few weeks my form was awful. It was awful because I was so pooped. I couldn’t do 30 seconds of Rock Star hops. I could do about 10-15 seconds, followed by 15-20 seconds of “pretend” Rock Star hops. Now, I’m doing the full 30 seconds. Of course, this means that I’m even more worn out than before. At least I kept my heart rate from approaching the danger zone this time. Last time I was pretty close throughout.

Still, this workout goes by pretty fast. It’s a rush when you get to the “bonus sports set”, because you suddenly realize that “hey, this is almost over”.

Today is Shoulders & Arms.

Oh, and I already did Cardio X this morning, too.

Why? Well, the wife and I are going out for dinner and a movie later. Thought it would be good to burn a few extra calories.

I’ll do another post later after Shoulders & Arms. See you then!

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