09 January, 2021

Roger Simon says “Welcome to West China”

Welcome to West China (theepochtimes.com)

Most of the article is behind a firewall, but it’s currently free by entering your email.

I wish I had something to add, but I’ll quote the relevant (to me) bit:

I’m the opposite. I’m a Occam’s Razor guy—what you see is what you get.

And Occam’s Razor tells me the United States is turning into a near clone of the People’s Republic of China.

That’s not communism in the traditional sense. Karl Marx wouldn’t recognize it, not that what he had on offer was any better. For China, the word communism is a kind of paleo-virtue signaling.

What China actually is (and where the United States is headed or has already arrived) is a form of oligarchic fascism. The capitalist market’s fine as long as it’s my capitalist market and you’re a member of my party.

Communist Party, Democratic Party, what difference does it make? As long as it’s ONE PARTY. And we’re in charge. The state über alles.

So forget about personal liberty and free expression and brush up your “social credit score.” Learn to be obedient, if you wish to survive.

And above all don’t say anything critical or even slightly controversial on social media or you’re a dead person—or might as well be because you’ll be canceled.

This is where we are. I’ve been documenting the assault on free speech by the left for more than a decade. Even I didn’t think we’d end up here.

As they say, read the whole thing.

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