09 January, 2021

What Democrats MUST Do First

47% of all voters think that the Democrats stole this election. 36% say it’s very likely.

I said previously what I thought brought on the protests at the Capitol this week. But the final straw was probably those numbers above. You can not have a functioning democracy, or democratic republic, if the voters do not have faith in their elections.

If the Democrats don’t move to fix this, we will get a repeat in 2022, and again in 2024. Only next time it will be worse.

We need serious election reforms. We need to be serious about ballot integrity and oversight. We need strict chain of custody requirements. If we’re going to continue to allow mail-in ballots (and we really shouldn’t), we must do everything possible to ensure their integrity.

If the Democrats don’t make correcting this problem their first order of business come January 20, it sends a clear message that they are just fine with how things have turned out.

Long term that’s a losing proposition for them, because it will ensure that things get worse, not better. But maybe they figure that by the time that happens that they’ll have restructured the country enough that it won’t matter.

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