03 June, 2008

Michelle Obama's "Whitey" Video

I've really tried hard to ignore this internet rumor. I've been hoping that it would turn out to be just that, a rumor. In case you haven't heard it's a video of Michelle at the Trinity Church with Lewis Farrakhan screaming about all the problems caused by "whitey".

More and more people are coming out as saying that they have seen the video or heard the audio now though, and apparently it's going to be released tomorrow at 9 am.

The site doing all the talking about releasing it is being slammed at the moment, as you can well imagine. Their name is No Quarter. I'm not linking to a specific post because it's hard to get through to their site, and because they now have several posts about it.

Ok, it's obvious I'm no Barack Obama (D-IL) fan, and I'm a conservative, so I should rejoice at this video, right?


Reading just a few of the older posts at No Quarter demonstrate that this is a site that clearly will do anything to take down Obama.

Not that I mind seeing Obama taken down. He deserves it. The press has treated him as the Messiah for far too long.

But there’s plenty of room to take down Obama on his naiveté and his socialist/Marxist ideas. And for his foolishly trying to present himself as a “different kind of politician” when he clearly is not. (As if anyone could really believe a “different kind of politician” could come out of Chicago politics anyway–how stupid does he think we are?) We don’t have to resort to this. It’s despicable.

It's sleazy and dirty politics at its worst. When Democrats talk about Republican "dirty tricks" (not that I buy into the idea that dirty tricks are exclusive to either party), this is exactly what they're talking about.

I’m truly depressed. I may stay home on November 4.

UPDATE: It's now past 9 am, and no tape has surfaced. It hasn't even been mentioned on Drudge, which is very odd, frankly. Maybe this is just a rumor after all.

UPDATE 2: After doing a little research, it's my opinion that this is a hoax. Michelle Malkin feels the same way. If it existed, it would've shown up by now. Supposedly, for a while, this video was available for download from the Trinity Church of Chicago's website. Hmmm...if that were true, I ought to be able to find it on Wayback or something. Can't. File this one under "waste of time".

UPDATE 3: Jim Lindgren does some actual "footwork" and decides that the story is false.


  1. So what do you suggest then? The media are biased towards Obama. How do you counter that?

  2. The media are biased towards Obama, but there's plenty of room to attack him on the issues, on his lack of qualifications for the job, on his Marxist views.

    Smears just make politics uglier.