04 June, 2008

Whither Now, Hillary? (When Will Hillary Drop out III)

Well, I watched most of Hillary Clinton's (D-NY) speech last night. I couldn't watch the whole thing. When the candidates start talking about Universal Health Care and Global Warming, I start to get nauseous.

But, right from the first, she made it clear that this was no concession speech. The first few minutes sounded much more like a campaign speech.

Then she started talking about party unity and working for the people to elect a President that won't ignore them, and that was sort of like a concession speech, but could also fit in the campaign speech.

She's hinted at taking the FL and MI battle to the Credentialing Committee at the convention. That seems like a Hail Mary pass to me. The lawsuits I've previously mentioned seem like better opportunities.

We keep hearing rumors that she's open to the VP slot. As I said earlier, Obama would have to be a bigger fool than John Kerry to take her up on that offer.

And, honestly, I wonder if it's a truly serious offer from Hillary. There's really no upside to it for her. The VP slot is a mostly do-nothing position, and if he wins in November, it's hard to see her as a viable candidate in 2016. She's much better off as the candidate of choice in 2012 (if he loses). Of course, that may be the reason to make that offer. She knows that Obama would be a fool to accept her, and it makes her look good to the party. Perhaps she's already campaigning for 2012.

Her best role now appears to be to take Ted Kennedy's place as the defacto Senate Democratic Leader.

But, whatever the case, she hasn't dropped out yet, so I will stick with my belief that the magic number is 2210 and not 2118.

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