20 February, 2009

Forget 100 Days – How’s The President Doing After 30?

It’s 30 days into the administration of President Barack Obama (D-USA). Unless you’re the most ardent of Obama fans, you’d be hard pressed to claim that his Presidency so far is anything other than a complete disaster.

To wit, as I noted in brief earlier:

  • “Hope and Change” has given way to “politics as usual”. The biggest spending bill ever has passed with virtually no bipartisan support. Now, I think if I were trying to convince the American people to spend that much money, I would try a little harder to convince all of the American people, not just those on the left. In addition, the bill was rushed through with a proper review by Congress or the American public.
  • His Cabinet appointments have been a joke:
    • Bill Richardson (D-NM) withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Commerce after his alleged involvement in a pay-to-play scandal was revealed.
    • Tom Daschle (D-SD) withdrew his nomination for Secretary of HHS after it was revealed he failed to pay taxes.
    • Nancy Keillefer withdrew her nomination as Obama’s Chief Performance Officer after it was revealed that she also failed to pay her taxes.
    • Timothy Geithner was confirmed to the position of Secretary of Treasury despite not paying his taxes.
    • Judd Gregg (R-NH) withdrew his nomination for Secretary of Commerce because of fundamental disagreements with Obama.
  • The candidate who campaigned on transparency has none.
  • His White House has attempted to take over the 2010 census
  • The Dow closed at its lowest level in 6 years.
  • The process of finding a replacement for his Senate seat has been a joke. Now the person who was finally appointed may have to resign after corruption charges start to stick.

Clearly this is a man who was not prepared for the job he he asked the American public to give him. We knew that last year, but gave it to him anyway. “Does experience really matter?” we asked. Now we know the answer.

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