19 February, 2009

Ok RNC, You Were Right…

…but you’re still not getting my money.

For most of this decade, I have bemoaned how the Republicans in Washington had lost their way. They’d forgotten the principles that had gotten them elected, mainly small and limited government.

As a result, I became one of the many unenthused conservative voters in 2006 and 2008. The RNC warned me that I still needed to vote and support Republican candidates because “the Democrats are worse”.

I believed they were probably right, but how much worse could they be? I couldn’t keep on rewarding bad behavior.

29 days into the Barack Obama (D-USA) administration I know the answer, and it’s worse than I ever imagined. Worse than I ever thought possible.

29 days into the Obama administration, and already I long for the days of 2004 with Bush and the Republican Congress.

Ok, RNC, I’m sorry I doubted you. The Democrats are far worse. And I now reserve the right to say “tax and spend Democrats” for the rest of my life without worry about the common reprisal of “Republicans can not criticize on fiscal discipline”.

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