07 October, 2010

John McCain, Savior Of The Country?

So says this post by Gregg Opelka, on Big Government.

But with the powerful patience of a nemesis, Palin persevered. She wrote her book, Going Rogue: An American Life. And once liberated from the quotidian shackles of governing a state, itinerant Palin became the de facto voice of the insurgent Tea Party. Championing candidates like Sharron Angle, Joe McConnell, Christine O’Donnell, Sean Duffy, Kelly Ayotte, Rand Paul, and a host of others, Palin put an intrepid, undaunted “Everywoman” moral face on the Tea Party, simultaneously becoming its living imprimatur. The Palin stamp of approval has proved victorious in nearly three out of four of Palin’s numerous endorsements thus far. In broadest terms the midterm election has become the battle of a very overrated Superman versus a very underrated Everywoman


And for that we have John McCain to thank. If November brings a Republican landslide, he will have lost the presidential election, but saved the country.

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