30 April, 2011

Card Check-The Chicago Way

Well, President Barack Obama couldn’t get his anti-democracy card check bill passed through congress, so as is his wont lately, he’s going through executive fiat. This time he’s using his thugs at the NLRB to do his dirty work for him.

What’s card check? Card check is the union organizer’s dream. It allows unions to be formed without a secret ballot. The thugs want this so they know exactly who is for and who is against the unionization so they can target those against it.

Well, Obama needs to keep his union leadership friends happy so they’ll keep sending him money. So, using the heavy handed politics he learned in Chicago, he’s having NLRB sue states who have enacted anti-card check legislation.

According to the Times, the NLRB put Arizona and South Dakota on notice in a letter sent Friday, warning that it planned to sue the states because they passed amendments prohibiting unionization through "card check."

If he and the NLRB think they can get away with these kinds of heavy handed politics in his first term, just imagine the things they’ll attempt in his second term, when he won’t be worried about getting re-elected.

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