25 May, 2011

Bias In Journalism Regarding Israel

When I was growing up, my parents always watched the evening news. And there were always stories about Israel. And many of them started with the phrase “In the Israel occupied territories…” or something similar. This is an example of subtle bias on the narrative.

Why “occupied territories”? Why insert that charged term into the story? It immediately makes Israel look like they’re in the wrong. And as a young child and adolescent, that’s exactly what I naively assumed. I know better now, but only because I taught myself on this subject, not because I learned the truth from the news.

Calling these lands “occupied territories” is like calling California an “occupied territory”. These lands are spoils of war. And these wars were not act of imperialistic aggression by Israel, but wars of defense. They were attacked in 1948 by the Arabs, and again in 1967. Israel successfully defended itself and claimed some of the land from its attackers so that it would be harder to attack Israel again. This is what happens in wars. This is not occupation.

So, when you hear liberals cry about “returning to the 1967 borders” for Israel, they’re pushing that “occupied territories” narrative once again, and they want to pretend either that a) these wars never happened, or worse b) that Israel was somehow the aggressor in them. Neither is true on any level. When you attack someone and you lose, you have to pay the price. Ask the Germans and the Japanese about that.

I’m just glad that I’ve bothered to keep learning about history and world events over the years, so that I now know that the MSM spin was factually incorrect and established a biased narrative in a supposedly objective news piece. I harp on MSM bias all the time, but it’s not always obvious. Many times it’s subtle like this. That’s why it’s important to always follow up. Teach yourself. Don’t accept anything blindly. That’s why I try to litter my posts with links so that you can do just that. Don’t accept my word for anything. I’m biased too. Find out for yourself.

And when someone says to you “Israel occupied territories”, fight back with the truth.

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