27 May, 2011

An Inconvenient Tax


If you’ve followed this blog for any time at all, you know that I’m no fan of our tax code. I’m opposed to a flat tax because I don’t believe it has any hope for long term success. We flattened the tax code back in 1986. Look where we are now.

No, we didn’t flatten the tax code completely in 1986, but given our history, how long do you think a flat tax would stay flat? 5 years? 1 year? 60 days?

Whatever it is, it won’t be long. That’s one of the many reasons I’m a FairTax supporter. A documentary called “An Inconvenient Tax” will be released on July 4, detailing exactly what our tax code costs us, how it came into being, and what we can do next. While the video doesn’t appear to endorse the FairTax, I think I can guarantee that it will be mentioned and discussed. You can pre-order it from Amazon for $14, and you’ll get it around July 4th. Expect a review from me by July 7th at the latest. Smile Still, I encourage you to get it now and not wait for me. I guarantee you’ll learn something, and be angry at what our government has done to us.

Please check out the trailer below.  The website is www.aninconvenienttax.com.



An Inconvenient Tax from Life Is My Movie on Vimeo.

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