19 May, 2011

In Case You Missed It–Libs Hate Free Speech

There’s an article in yesterday’s WSJ about the IRS getting political and going after political donations. This is more of the Democrats ongoing plan to stifle free speech.

We wish we were shocked, but the plan is merely the latest play by Democrats to crack down on donors who support their opponents. In 2010 they tried and failed to pass the Disclose Act, which would have forced disclosure on business donations but left unions alone.

This year they've turned to harassment by regulation, first asking the Federal Communications Commission to require groups that run political ads to disclose their high-dollar donors. The Obama Administration is also working up an executive order to require anyone bidding for a federal contract to disclose if the company or its executives donated more then $5,000 to independent groups.

The Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives. They can not do that if we can make our voices heard and fight back. This is why they keep attacking the Tea Party, and why they did everything possible during the ObamaCare debates to make the Tea Party look like rabid angry racist mobs, despite lack of any evidence of such.

This week, President Barack Obama’s (D-USA) handlers smacked down the Boston Herald for refusing to play ball. They published a Mitt Romney op-ed on the front page on the day Obama was visiting Boston, so the Herald was cut out of his fund-raiser. Of course, the op-ed wasn’t exactly the most friendly one to the President:

When Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1980, he hung the Misery Index around Jimmy Carter’s neck. It consisted of the sum total of unemployment and inflation. Today, we have a different set of ailments. Instead of unemployment coupled with inflation, we have a toxic blend of unemployment, debt, home foreclosures, and bankruptcies. Their sum total is what we can call the Obama Misery Index. It is at a record high; indeed, it makes even the malaise of the Carter years look like a boom. Unemployment has fallen, but it’s fallen to a level that is still, by any historical marker, a national disaster. To suggest it as an achievement is to engage in what Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously called “defining deviancy down.”

This isn’t new. The Obama camp hasn’t exactly been friendly to the press lately. A San Francisco Chronicle reporter was booted from the White House press pool for recording a protest with her phone.

Update: In a pants-on-fire moment, the White House press office today denied anyone there had issued threats to remove Carla Marinucci and possibly other Hearst reporters from the press pool covering the President in the Bay Area.

Chronicle editor Ward Bushee called the press office on its fib:

Sadly, we expected the White House to respond in this manner based on our experiences yesterday. It is not a truthful response. It follows a day of off-the-record exchanges with key people in the White House communications office who told us they would remove our reporter, then threatened retaliation to Chronicle and Hearst reporters if we reported on the ban, and then recanted to say our reporter might not be removed after all.

And, they came after a newspaper from Pleasanton, CA for daring to say anything bad at all about the First Lady:

In an email to The Daily Caller, Gina Channell-Allen, president of the Pleasanton Weekly in Pleasanton, California, said that her paper “received a call from the White House asking us to take out part of the story because it reflected poorly on the First Lady.”


She also wrote a sentence that the White House thought made FLOTUS look snooty.

“Basically the reporter said that the First Lady didn’t speak to the pilots but acknowledged them by making eye contact,” Allen wrote in her email.

Hey, at least none of these people were locked in a closet.

As I said, these aren’t the first times that Obama and his gang have gone after the media when it’s dared to say something he didn’t like. During his Presidential campaign, his supporters went after talk radio. Hard.

Of course, it’s not just the press they want to shut up. It’s all of us. Remember their attacks against the Chamber of Commerce during the lead up to the 2010 elections? I do.

They have to do this, because the political favors and rewards like the ObamaCare waivers are going to be ramped up even more heavily. And they don’t want us to know. Every part of the government is going to be politicized and it’s all going to be about rewarding friends and punishing enemies. And keeping power, in order to continue the process.

However, there’s one way we can fix a lot of this, particularly in terms of the IRS.

Pass the FairTax. No more politicization of tax loopholes for friends and enemies. No more IRS. No problem.

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