05 May, 2012

P90X Day 8: Chest & Back

I plan on two updates today, but the second one may be quite a bit later. That’s going to be the one on nutrition and diet. This one is still workout related.

Second verse: same as the first.

I’m in week 2 now. Weeks 2 and 3 are just like Week 1.

So, that means it’s easier, right? Wrong.

Not sure if I’m just pushing myself harder now, or what, but each of the last few days have seemed like the hardest so far. Today was no exception.

The quote for today: “If you don’t know what you DID, how will you know what to DO?”

For all of the strength training exercises, Tony makes you write down how many reps you did and what weight you used. So, when you hit this workout again, you know what you did. And you know to push yourself, and do at least what you did last time.

Me? I did at least 5 more push ups on every single push up type. I increased the reps or the weight on all of the weight exercises. In fact, one of them was still too easy. Going to have to up the weight on that one again. I also increased number of reps for all of the pull ups save one. Damn you, second round of Wide Front Pull Ups.

Now, I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue this rate of increase. But I know next Saturday, my sheet is going to look even better than today’s sheet. For the push ups, I’m probably going to have to start using push up bars soon. The regular way is just getting too easy. Now, that’s something I never thought I’d say.

Also on the menu today is Ab Ripper X, of course. Not sure if I was just out of gas from putting so much into Chest & Back, or if the 2 day layoff from Ab Ripper set me back a bit. But I struggled today with the ab exercises. I didn’t feel like I did as well with them as I did on Wednesday. I was definitely better than last Saturday, and even Monday, but slipped a bit from the progress I had made on Wednesday. Still, it was a painful and exhausting 15 minutes. Hopefully I will again see improvement next time. There’s plenty of opportunity for improvement on Ab Ripper X. You do it at 3 times a week every week except 4, 8, and 13.

Anyway, I’m sore today, incredibly so. But looking forward to (and dreading) tomorrow’s Plyometrics.

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