30 January, 2021

From Twitter, the Hits Just Keep on Coming

Twitter Suspends China Critic and Trump Administration Official Peter Navarro - The Last RefugeThe Last Refuge (theconservativetreehouse.com)

Former White House Trade and Economic Advisor Peter Navarro was the tip-of-the-spear outlining election fraud, via impossible statistics, from the White House.   Navarro is also a well known China critic, which positions him against the objectives of the JoeBama administration.

In a blatant move to protect the interests of a corrupt state, Big Tech continues to shut-down the accounts of voices adverse to their ideological position.

It’s important that the people only hear the right kind of messaging. Soon, we’ll just have two legal sources of news: Pravda and Izvestia.

В "Правде" нет ни новостей, ни правды в газете "Известия".

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