24 January, 2021

Meghan McCain Says She was Lied to—I Disagree

Meghan McCain Unleashes On Biden, Fauci, And Amazon Over Hypocrisy - 'I Was Lied To' (lifezette.com)

McCain kicked off her rant by blasting Fauci for previously telling Americans that masks “didn’t work” in an effort to preserve them for first responders during a time when they were in short supply.

“Look, I think the great horror of living in America right now is the absolute, complete and total breakdown of trust in our institutions,” McCain said, adding that she had been pregnant when Fauci said this and gave her masks away because of him.

Not stopping there, McCain went after Amazon for suddenly volunteering to help with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout after Donald Trump left office.

“That seems political as well,” she said. “So why does Jeff Bezos all of a sudden want to help with vaccine distribution, but he didn’t during the Trump Administration?”

You willingly allowed yourself to be deceived. You knew the people telling you things were untrustworthy, but you accepted what they told you anyway.

That’s on you, Meghan, not on them.

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