27 January, 2021

If this is True, They’re Failing Miserably

The Occupation Of Washington Is Pure Panic Porn. You Are The Target (thefederalist.com)

If this seems theatrical and excessive, it’s because it is. Worse yet, it’s about politics, not security, with the same politicians who claimed Antifa violence against their voters was a “myth” now insisting they need a full division of troops to defend them from a rebel army that doesn’t exist.

From my standpoint, this isn’t theatrical, but it is horrible optics. When I think of troops patrolling our capitol, an entirely different image comes to mind.

And they aren’t going away soon.

When asked, police and Guardsmen on the ground privately shared the belief they were here to stay. Soon, reports began to leak that indeed they would — through President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Just this week, we learned that thousands of Guardsmen could remain “indefinitely.”

This stinks to high Heaven.

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