26 October, 2010

Cocktail Party Gets One Right, One Wrong

I’ve gotten tired of calling our Republican elites the “GOP Establishment”. From now on, I’m just going to call them the “Cocktail Party”.

They’ve decided not to have a “party” on election night.

[Y]ou don't celebrate at a time when one in 10 Americans are out of work and our children's future is threatened by mountains of debt," NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain told CNN.

Several Republican sources have told CNN over the past few days that Boehner made clear to colleagues and staff that he wants Americans to see that Republicans in Washington understand that the public is angry at Washington – and that includes the GOP establishment.

These sources say that even if Republicans take over the House, Boehner and other GOP leaders want to avoid the images of the Democrats in 2006, where Speaker Pelosi, then-Rep. Rahm Emanuel, and others were dancing on the stage.

Good. Perhaps there’s hope for these folks yet.

On the other hand, there’s this:

In anticipation of major GOP gains in next week’s elections, House Republican leaders have put together a list of experienced Washington hands to help fill top staff positions for the surge of newly elected outsiders.

Leading the effort are Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio), Minority Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Ugh. We’re voting for these people because they’re outsiders. We don’t want your insiders infiltrating and corrupting these people. This is so very wrong and exactly the thing citizens need be on the lookout for over the next two years.

The Cocktail Party thinks that come January, they’ll be running the show. They still haven’t gotten it, but they will. The Tea Party is running the show. We have the leaders. Now you can follow or get out of the way.

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