30 October, 2010

Why Would ANYONE Vote For Charlie Crist?

For anything?

In the last year, he has reversed himself on every significant position, from Obamacare to Cap and Trade to the stimulus, even on the qualifications of Sarah Palin. He tried to play the “Hispanic Race Card” against Marco Rubio. He’s resorted to beyond sleazy tactics to get the true Democrat out of the race.

He started out as a moderately squishy Republican, then tilted right to try to win the primary. When it was obvious that wasn’t going to work, he switched to Independent and has run to the left of the Democrat in the race. He promised to refund his campaign donations when he switched to Independent, and then reneged on that promise. Now he says he’ll caucus with the Democrats.

I’m not sure they’d want him. This is obviously a man with no principals whatsoever.

He represents everything this election is about. If I could sum it up in a single candidate, it would be him. Well, I might need two candidates. Lisa Murkowski has some similar issues, and one or two that he doesn’t have.

But this is someone who no one should vote for. No matter what your political beliefs or what your party is. It is quite obvious that this man will screw his constituents over if he thinks it will help him in his power grab. He has no interest in representation, just power.

Think about that when you’re at the polls, Floridians.

Sorry about the lack of links. Everything I said in this post is true and you can look it up. I’m just in a hurry tonight, and don’t have time to put the links in. I may go back and add some tomorrow.

3 days until the flood. The flood needs to hit this man hard.

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