29 October, 2010

Want To Restore Sanity? Go To A Tea Party Rally

Jon Stewart’s “Rally To Restore Sanity” is this weekend. Of course, the point of this is not to restore sanity at all. It’s yet another attempt by the left to portray normal hardworking Americans as extremists, and to portray the tone-deaf political class as normal.

His rally is taking a direct jab at the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally. Unfortunately for Stewart, Beck’s rally will likely be a lot more sane than Stewart’s. The Beck rally was quiet and peaceful and people cleaned up after themselves. They were well behaved and didn’t bring offensive signs or wear clothing plastered with obscenities. They came on their own, taking time off from work. These were parents and families who came together to remind this White House that they weren’t going to continue to let President Barack Obama (D-USA) and his cohorts destroy America.


In short, this was the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Stewart’s rally hasn’t happened yet, but we know what we’ll see.


Click the picture to see some more.

For almost two years, the left has been projecting its insanity on the right with no evidence whatsoever. When they did come up with “evidence” it was manufactured, such as the “Obama as Hitler” protestor that was a Democrat plant.

Despite these incidents of poor behavior by the left, what got House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-08) so riled up? She claimed (with no evidence whatsoever) that the Tea Partiers were acting crazy and waving swastikas. The point here is not to tell the truth, but to paint the opposition, the American people, as extremists.

Yes, as I mentioned above there were some “Obama as Hitler” signs (funny that the MSM frothed at the mouth about those, but laughed at the “Bush as Hitler” signs, but I digress). In every known instance of the “Obama as Hitler” the purveyor was either a Democrat plant or a LaRoucher. People to the left even of Obama.

In fact, the Obama-Hitler theme (see right) is a recurring one for LaRouche. The top listing under the "Our Campaigns" header on his home page is "Stop Obama's Nazi Health Plan." Clicking on it leads you to a series of anti-ObamaCare videos, including one entitled "Hitler's T4 Program - Obama's Health Care Inspiration."

The MSM were willing accomplices in this. In fact, if all you watch is CNN and all you read is the New York Times, you haven’t heard of anything mentioned in this post. But it all happened. And much much more. These were just the examples that I remembered off the top of my head.

And there was the Jack Conway supporter dressed up as a Rand Paul supporter making racial slurs at a rally.

This week there was finally an incident with a Rand Paul supporter at one of his rallies, where a woman was apparently attacked. Of course, the woman was a MoveOn.org plant trying to get just this sort of reaction by pretending to be attacking Rand Paul.

Despite this, right-minded blogs were quick to denounce the incident.

Let us begin with what should be obvious and unnecessary to discuss: don’t stomp on anyone’s head. There are no mitigating circumstances to be presented in this article or video. You don’t stomp on a person’s head. Tim Profitt was wrong and should not have resorted to violence. If a police officer subduing a suspect were caught on video doing exactly what Profitt did, that officer would be in hot water.

Ken Gladney and several others are still waiting for the same from the left.

The fact that conservatives condemned Tim Proffit sticking his foot on Valle’s shoulder shows, again, that the right polices their side. The left does not. They create standards that they expect everyone else to follow; I’ve still yet to see a single one of them condemn the attack of Kelly Owens, on camera by SEIU, Kenneth Gladney, Alle Bautsch, Bill Rice, John McCormack, the assault on NC tea partiers, I could go on. The left has yet to rise to the challenge and match the right in condemning violence such as the examples I’ve given here.

There was some shouting and obnoxious people at the various ObamaCare townhalls last summer. Unfortunately, for Stewart, most of the shouting and bad behavior was from up on stage:


Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX-18) decided during her town hall that it was more important to talk on the phone than answer her constituents questions:


But they weren’t finished yet:

Of course, the poor behavior by the people who represent us wasn’t always up on stage.


Who can forget Howard Dean’s words about the Republican party?

I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for.

And I’m not even going to get started on soon to be former Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL-08). I could spend an entire post talking about this crazed lunatic.

And let’s not forget our prizewinner in civility this week.

Have the tea partiers been loud at times? Yes. Crazy? No.

They’ve been loud when necessary. If you’re walking downtown with a friend and she happens to start to step out into the street in front of an oncoming bus, you don’t politely say “Excuse me, but you really should watch where you’re going.” No, you grab her by the arm and yell “STOP!”

Which is exactly what the Tea Partiers tried to do all last summer.

Unfortunately, the reps didn’t listen. And now they’re paying the price.

See, the problem with Stewart’s rally is that he’s allied himself with the crazies, not the sane. He did say one thing that’s correct:

We live in troubled times with real people facing real problems, problems that have real if imperfect solutions that I believe 70 to 80 percent of our population could agree to try and could ultimately live with. Unfortunately, the conversation and process is controlled by the other 15 to 20 percent.

Here’s the problem, Jon. You and the people you’ve allied yourself with are in the 15 percent. Anytime you want to join the 85 percent, we’d love to have you. We won’t be at your rally, but you’re more than welcome at a Tea Party rally any time.

But as I said at the beginning, I don’t believe that you really have any interest in restoring sanity. What you’re doing smacks of hypocrisy and is another blatant and desperate attempt to paint the regular people of America as extremists. Just like you and yours have been doing for the last two years. I’m sorry, Jon, but it hasn’t worked yet and it’s not going to work. The American public knows who the extremists are, and despite you, we’re going to vote them out in 4 days.

Jon Stewart, don’t stick around too long after your rally. You might get hit by the flood.

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