30 October, 2010

Rally To Restore Boredom

Ok, it wasn’t as bad and offensive as I predicted.

Still, there were plenty of examples of what I pointed out in my last post.

Did draw a pretty good crowd though. Maybe a third the size of the real Rally to Restore Sanity, which didn’t feature a free concert.

And since every other right wing blog will be talking about it, I have to mention this too.

I like the music of the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens as much as the next guy, but you really want to feature a man who has called for the murder of Salmon Rushdie at a “Rally to Restore Sanity”? Really? Umm…who thought that was a good idea?

Of course the real problem with the rally is that it put everyone to sleep. Memo for the future: sane to lefties is boring while sane to righties is inspiring.

Something to think about there.

I expected the rally to be a spectacular failure. As it is, I have to give it a C-.

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