19 October, 2010


Wow, Rush is on a tear today, and the object of his attack is the GOP leadership. He believes that they will cave to MSM pressure and “work to find compromises” with the President. He points out that Democratic controlled Congresses are never faulted for their inability to find compromise with Republican Presidents, but we knew that already.

Rush is right to be angry about this possibility. And the MSM has already started it’s push for it.

Allow me to quote myself for a moment:

We’re watching you.

We’ll elect you if we think you’re right for us, but if you don’t represent us, we’ll replace you. And we don’t care how long you’ve been around. In fact, how long you’ve been around may actually be a detriment to you. And a lot of us don’t care what letter you have after your name. We just want you to represent US, and not yourself. We don’t want your corrupt, politics-as-usual power grabs. We don’t want any hint of you thinking that you’re better than we are. And if we think that’s what we’re getting, we will send you packing so fast it will make your head swim.

GOP, we’re still watching. And we’ll be watching you closer than ever.

Compromise is not an option. You can not compromise with people who want to destroy the country. This is what you did for most of the term of President George W. Bush (R-USA). You decided that it was ok to just destroy the country slower. In the process you nearly destroyed the Republican party.

If you want to finish off what you started, and accomplish the MSM’s 40 year goal of destroying the GOP, please go ahead and compromise. Because I guarantee you that if you do, come 2012, I’ll be shopping for a new party. And I won’t be the only one.

As Sarah Palin has said, we’re saying not just no, but hell no!

And we expect nothing less from you. It’s very simple, be the party of “Hell no!” or we’ll replace you with someone who will.

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