10 October, 2010

Interesting Article On ABC News

The title of the article is “Year After Obama Won Nobel, World Looks for Signs of Peace”.  There are two interesting things about the article. First, that it’s from ABC and doesn’t contain overwhelming support for President Barack Obama (D-USA). The second is that the title has obviously been watered down. Reading the content of the article, it’s quite evident that the title should have been “Year After Obama Won Nobel, World Looks for Signs He Deserved It”.

Even the first paragraph makes that clear.

One year after the Nobel prize jury made its controversial decision to award President Obama the prize for world peace, a larger jury is still waiting for the president to live up to those lofty expectations.

The truth is, he didn’t deserve it. He hadn’t done anything that would put him in line for such an award, and you don’t give out Nobel Peace prizes based on what you think the person might do sometime in the future. It’s quite evident that’s what the Nobel prize jury did, though. And, after a year, it’s even more apparent that they were foolish to do so.

Don’t believe me?

An untested and untried Obama accepted the Nobel Prize for Peace last year, just months into his presidency. He was selected, prize committee chairman Thorbjorn Jagland said, not for what he had accomplished but for the promise of what he would accomplish.

Remember that the deadline for nominations for the prize is the 1st of February. Obama had been in office for 11 days.

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